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The most fundamental question in audio production, how loud is it? Simple and yet elusive, with loudness inconsistency and incompatibilities present every day in broadcasts across the world. With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history and logging facilities, VisLM provides a simple, ITU, ATSC and EBU standard compliant way to measure, compare and contrast loudness during production, broadcast and post production, on the fly or for entire sections of audio. VisLM introduces several essential parameters for audio measurement. These parameters are True-Peak level metering (inter-sample accurate level monitoring); Loudness Range (to help decide if and how much dynamic compression to apply); Momentary 'instantaneous loudness' for mixing by ear; Short term loudness (3 second time window)™ Program Loudness (long term integrated loudness measurement).
NuGen Audio VisLM with DSP Extension

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  • Clear loudness measurement
  • Bar meter and clear numerical read-out
  • ˜Alert' warning options
  • Loudness boundary indicators
  • Real-time metering
  • Loudness history
  • Audience specific loudness profiling
  • True-peak level monitoring
  • Program loudness matching
  • Genre compatibility measurement
  • Consistency assessment
  • Historical diagnostic, 30sec-24hr
  • Dynamic range profile targeting
  • Automatic mono through 5.1 compatibility
  • Multiple export parameters
  • Off-line data file export

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