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Launchkey [MK3] - Introduction // Novationplay button

Launchkey [MK3] - Introduction // Novation

Launchkey [MK3] - Performance // Novationplay button

Launchkey [MK3] - Performance // Novation

Launchkey [MK3] - Behind The Scenes // Novationplay button

Launchkey [MK3] - Behind The Scenes // Novation

Launchkey [MK3] - Scale Mode // Novationplay button

Launchkey [MK3] - Scale Mode // Novation


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Novation's Launchkey 61 MK3 is a revolutionary MIDI keyboard controller that unleashes your creative potential. The Launchkey 61 MK3 provides an intuitive interface for manipulating Ableton Live and controlling external MIDI gear. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced keyboardist, the Launchkey 61 MK3's creative features remove barriers to musical expression and expand your sonic vocabulary.

Eight Scale Modes Guide You to New Melodies

The Launchkey 61 MK3's Scale Modes transpose the keys and pads to notes in your chosen scale. Simply select a root note and scale, then play—the Launchkey 61 MK3 handles the rest. Scale Modes open up new melodic possibilities and make it easy to explore different keys and modes.

Three Chord Modes Harmonize Your Playing

With the Launchkey 61 MK3's Chord Modes, every note you play is harmonically linked. Choose from Fixed Chord (plays a specific chord), Scale Chord (plays chords diatonic to the selected scale), or User Chord (plays a custom chord you design). Chord Modes turn the Launchkey 61 MK3 into an interactive canvas for musical discovery.

Custom Modes Tailor the Controller to Your Needs

Using Novation's Components software, you can design custom control setups for the Launchkey 61 MK3. Custom Modes give you flexibility over control assignments, MIDI routing, pad colors, and more. Whether performing live or working in the studio, Custom Modes adapt the Launchkey 61 MK3 to your particular workflow.

A Seamless Interface for Ableton Live and Beyond

The Launchkey 61 MK3 offers deep integration with Ableton Live, including dedicated controls for Capture MIDI, quantization, click, loop, and more. The Launchkey 61 MK3 also works with Logic Pro, Reason, Studio One, Cubase, and Pro Tools via HUI. A full-size five-pin MIDI output even lets you connect the Launchkey 61 MK3 to external MIDI gear. The Launchkey 61 MK3 is available today at Guitar Center.

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Number of keys: 61
  • Action: Synth
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • MIDI I/O: Out
  • USB: Yes
  • iOS compatibility: Yes
  • Drum pads: Yes
  • Pitch bend/Modulation: Both

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