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The Nino small steel tongue drum is perfect for any young musician or teacher looking to add a tranquil element. This 7" diameter drum produces a mellow, soothing sound reminiscent of a soft steel pan. Its pre-tuned G minor scale which means no wrong notes, so anyone can pick it up and play regardless of musical skill. The Nino tongue drum includes two soft rubber mallets that elicit a full yet gentle tone from its eight steel tongues. With a durable steel build, this compact instrument comes in a handy carrying bag, ideal for transporting between home, classroom or anywhere you want to spread musical joy.

Discover the Pre-Tuned G Minor Scale

Even if you have no music theory knowledge, you can pick up this Nino drum and start playing a soothing melody right away. That's because its eight steel tongues are pre-tuned to the G minor scale, eliminating the possibility of playing a "wrong" note. Let the G minor tones transport you as you gently tap the tongues in any order. With practice, you'll be able to perform full songs on the Nino tongue drum's tuned range from G2 to C4.

Two Soft Rubber Mallets Elicit a Gentle Tone

Included with the drum are two soft rubber mallets perfectly suited for bringing out its mellow essence. Compared to hard mallets, these softer beaters allow you to play with a delicate touch, eliciting the tongue drum's inherent tranquility. The gentle tone is ideal for classrooms, where a loud sound would be disruptive. Just give the drum a soft tap with the mallets whenever you need students' attention. At home, let the calming tones relax you during meditation or creative sessions.

Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, G Minor Mint Green
Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, G Minor Mint Green
Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, G Minor Mint Green