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The Nino small steel tongue drum in C major opens up the world of music to players of any age or skill level. With its convenient 7" diameter and included carrying bag, this tranquil steel tongue drum goes anywhere inspiration strikes. Its eight tongues are precision-tuned to the C major scale, so every note rings out in mellow harmony. The pre-tuned tones mean anyone can pick it up and play without hitting a sour note. With the included pair of soft rubber mallets, you can coax the smoothest, fullest resonances from the tongue drum. Let its soothing timbre relax and inspire you.

Play Mellow Tones With Ease

The Nino small steel tongue drum is tuned to the C-Major scale, so every note flows into the next with sweet tranquility. The eight notes range from low C to high C, giving you an octave of tones to express yourself. With no wrong notes, this tongue drum is ideal for beginners and children to explore music and melody. The pre-tuned scale also makes it perfect for music teachers looking for a calming instrument. Simply strike the tongues with the included rubber mallets to send mellow tones ringing through the classroom or practice room. The smooth steel surface and rubber head mallets produce tones gentle enough for relaxation.

Rubber Mallets Produce Full, Tranquil Tones

To bring out the tongue drum's fullest potential, Nino includes two rubber mallets designed specifically for playing steel tongue drums. The soft rubber heads strike the drum cleanly without adding harsh overtones. This allows the tongues' mellow tones to resonate purely and smoothly. The mallets' handles fit comfortably in your hand, enabling intricate rhythms. With the complete Nino small steel tongue drum package, you have everything you need to create tranquil music. Let its heavenly tones relax and inspire you.

Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, C Major Blue
Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, C Major Blue
Nino Small Steel Tongue Drum, C Major Blue