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Neumann is proud to offer the KM 184 MT, a stereo set of small-diaphragm condenser microphones delivering the brand's signature sound in an affordable, simplified design. With a cardioid pickup pattern and transformerless circuitry, the KM 184 MT pair provides pristine stereo recording with low noise and high overload capacity.

Exceptionally Low Noise and High Overload Capacity

The KM 184 MT's transformerless circuitry yields an impressive dynamic range of 122dB, with self-noise of just 22dB. This means you can capture the subtlest details at high SPLs up to 138dB without distortion. Whether recording quiet instruments or loud amplifiers, the KM 184 MT gives you clean, accurate capture of the source.

Tight Cardioid Pattern Rejects Off-Axis Sound

The KM 184 MT's cardioid capsule is highly directional, attenuating sound from the sides and rear. This helps isolate the desired sound source, reducing bleed from nearby instruments. The result is a focused, well-defined stereo image, even in close-miking situations.

Neumann Heritage in an Economical Design

While simplifying the modular design of the KM 100 system, Neumann retained the same meticulous attention to detail and handcrafted precision that define their microphones. The KM 184 MT delivers the brand's signature sound and German engineering at a more affordable price point, perfect for home studios and project studios on a budget.

Reliable, Balanced Output

The KM 184 MT provides a balanced, phantom-powered output to ensure pristine signal integrity. Its simplified design is built to rigorous standards for consistent performance and years of reliable use.

Neumann KM 184 MT Stereo Set
Neumann KM 184 MT Stereo Set

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  • Miniature microphone for all typical studio applications
  • Successor of the world-renowned KM 83/84
  • Transformerless circuitry

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  • Acoustical operating principle: Pressure/Pressure gradient transducer
  • Directional pattern: cardioid
  • Frequency range: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz into 1kohm: 15mV/Pa
  • Rated impedance: 50 ohm
  • Rated load impedance: 1 kohm
  • Equivalent noise level, CCIR1): 22dB
  • Equivalent noise level, A-weighted1): 13dB-A
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR1) (rel. 94dB SPL): 72dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted1) (rel. 94dB SPL): 81dB
  • Maximum SPL for THD 0.5%2): 138dB
  • Maximum output voltage: 10dBu
  • Supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938): 48V ± 4V
  • Current consumption (P48, IEC 61938): 3.2mA
  • Matching connectors: XLR 3F
  • Weight approx.: 2.8 oz. (80 g)
  • Diameter 7/8" (22 mm)
  • Length 4-3/16" (107 mm)

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1 year warranty.

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