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The Miniature Clip Mic MCM System raises the bar for electret capsules. And as a true Neumann, it picks up the characteristic sounds from all acoustic instruments in live applications. It redefines the standard in natural sound, practicality, reliable mounting and longevity. The system includes nine instrument-specific mounting clips for a wide variety of acoustic instruments. The modular construction allows for easy replacements and guarantees a superior low cost of ownership.

The capsule: eight parts of perfection

It has a new level of tonal balance, more body, especially in the bass and mid-range—and transparency in the treble. The newly developed KK 14 cardioid capsule overcomes former limitations of the electret principles and catches the signature sound of a wide range of acoustic sources. To achieve this, Neumann developed a layer-based design. Each of the capsulesʼ eight key components are designed for optimal performance, manufactured independently and assembled by hand later on. The strict quality control also guarantees an unheard level of tonal consistency. Each capsule sounds exactly the same and delivers the neutral Neumann-style sound, saving time during setup and EQ tuning especially when running multiple microphones simultaneously.

With ultra-low self-noise of 23dBA and an extremely high maximum sound level of 153dBSPL, the KK 14 delivers perfect results from both very quiet and very loud instruments.

The titanium housing is road tough and protects the more sensitive parts for years to come.

Connects to all wireless systems

The MCM System includes interchangeable cable options with 3.5 mm jack, Lemo, 4-pin mini-XLR and MicroDot connectors—no adapter needed. The microphone can also work with a wired connection using the MCM 100 high-end output stage and the 3.5 mm jack cable.

Mounting: gentle for surfaces—reliable for engineers

A fundamental part of the MCM System is an exhaustive palette of mounting options that allow for simple and reliable microphone positioning on any instrument. Their mechanics are gentle to even the most sensitive surfaces and make mounting a matter of seconds, requiring only one hand for most instruments. The gooseneck holder rotates along one or two axes and locks in 45° increments to allow for precise adjustment.

Instrument sets

All components of the system are available separately. For many common applications, there are also complete sets in a soft case with all the necessary components.

Neumann MCM 114 Miniature Clip Microphone System: Double Bass
Neumann MCM 114 Miniature Clip Microphone System: Double Bass

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  • Elevates electret principle to Neumann sound standards
  • Durability increases ROI up to tenfold
  • A single capsule for loud and soft instruments
  • Works with key transmitter body packs

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Technical Data
  • Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Rated impedance: 50 ohms
  • Rated load impedance: 1,000 ohms
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (4), CCIR (5): 63dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (4): 71dB
  • Equivalent noise level, CCIR (5): 31dB
  • Equivalent noise level (5): 23dBA
  • Maximum SPL (6) for THD < 0.5%: 153dBSPL
  • Power supply: 48V ± 4V (P48, IEC 61938)
  • Current consumption: 3.5mA
  • Required connectors: XLR F
Permissible Atmospheric Conditions
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C–+40°C
  • Operating humidity range: 0%–90% relative humidity
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C–+70°C
  • Storage humidity range: 0%–95% relative humidity

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1 year warranty.

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