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How to clean and condition a Rosewood Fretboard

Music Nomad

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The MusicNomad's Fretboard F-ONE Oil isan all-natural wood conditioner that breathes new life into your guitar's fretboard. Formulated with a proprietary blend of refined tree and seed oils, F-ONE Oil penetrates deep into the wood to moisturize your fretboard and restore it to its ideal moisture balance. When a fretboard dries out, it loses its ability to resonate and can deaden your guitar's tone. F-ONE Oil revives your fretboard's natural tone and sustain by rehydrating the wood at a cellular level. It leaves your fretboard looking new, feeling silky smooth, and playing effortlessly fast without any tacky residue. Guitarists everywhere trust F-ONE Oil to keep their guitars sounding and playing their best.

All-Natural Ingredients, No Lemon Oil

Unlike lemon oil fretboard conditioners that can dry out and damage wood over time, F-ONE Oil is formulated entirely from natural, wood-safe ingredients. It contains no lemon extracts, petroleum distillates, or harsh chemicals—only the finest hand-selected tree and seed oils. These premium, food-grade oils are renowned for their wood conditioning and protective properties. When applied as directed, F-ONE Oil forms an invisible barrier against environmental damage while allowing your fretboard to breathe naturally.

Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting

F-ONE Oil goes to work immediately, penetrating your fretboard within minutes to restore proper hydration and tone. And while it revives your fretboard quickly, the effects last for months. F-ONE Oil's advanced formula bonds directly with the wood at a molecular level to provide deep, long-term conditioning and protection. One application can keep a rosewood or ebony fretboard looking and playing like new for 6 months or more.

Safe for All Fretboards

F-ONE Oil is safe to use on all unfinished rosewood, ebony, and maple fretboards. Its all-natural formula won't damage lacquered or finished fretboards and is compatible with most guitar polishes and waxes. No matter what fretboard wood your guitar has, you can trust F-ONE Oil to properly care for it without risk of harm.

Premium Fretboard Care, Professional Results

F-ONE Oil delivers professional-grade fretboard conditioning in an easy-to-use formula. A few drops applied with the included applicator pad are all it takes to restore your fretboard's tone, feel, and appearance. Guitar techs, repair shops, and guitarists worldwide rely on F-ONE Oil to keep their fretboards—and their guitars—sounding and playing their best. Experience the difference premium fretboard care can make.

Music Nomad Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner & Conditioner - 2 oz.
Music Nomad Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner & Conditioner - 2 oz.
Music Nomad Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner & Conditioner - 2 oz.

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  • 100% natural oils ultra-refined to clean, condition and protect
  • Lemon oil free
  • Petroleum and wax free
  • Dries fast but maintains conditioning for months due to revolutionary formula
  • Smells great

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2 oz.