Music Nomad


Fretboard F-ONE Oil Cleaner & Conditioner from Music Nomad gives wood its life back. F-ONE is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition and protect your fretboard/fingerboard. 100% free of any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum distillates, silicone, and water. MusicNomad doesn't use any lemon oil because it contains d-limonene, which is a strong solvent that is used to remove paint and glue. In addition, the high acidity levels of lemon oil can dry out the fretboard over time and require more frequent fretboard care. F-ONE leaves your fretboard looking new, playing great and feeling smooth, never sticky or tacky. MusicNomad's revolutionary formula penetrates and conditions the wood to dry fast and give it a new look for months. It uses 100% naturally produced oils and is safe on all unfinished rosewood, ebony and mahogany fretboards.
  • 100% natural oils ultra-refined to clean, condition and protect
  • Lemon oil free
  • Petroleum and wax free
  • Dries fast but maintains conditioning for months due to revolutionary formula
  • Smells great
2 oz.