The Mesa/Boogie CabClone IR+ cab simulator and attenuator delivers virtually limitless options, true portability, flexible control and tonal consistency from venue to venue. The CabClone IR+ comes with 16 Mesa/Boogie cabinet impulse responses loaded into two banks of eight presets. Bank A contains “Live” IRs, recorded with dynamic and ribbon microphones. Bank B contains “Studio” IRs recorded with condenser and ribbon microphones for the same eight Mesa/Boogie cabinets, in the same order. This allows for easy comparison of the microphone choices by simply flipping the Bank switch between A and B. The “factory”-loaded cabinet models, Bank A-Live and Bank B-Studio, are loaded left to right in eight preset locations. Along with the 16 Mesa/Boogie factory-supplied IR cabinet simulations, there's plenty of room to download and save a huge library of third-party IRs within the CabClone IR+’s processor memory. Once accessed and viewed on your computer as a standard file directory via USB connection, IR cab sims can be downloaded and dragged or copied (one for each of the 16 presets), into any of the CabClone’s available locations within the two banks of eight. The CabCLone IR+ also includes a built-in attenuator so you can use your favorite, or venue-appropriate, power window to achieve the perfect sound and feel. The IR+ includes a warning LED to alert you when a no-load scenario is detected at the SPKR output in the chance that SPKR has accidentally been selected on the SPKR/LOAD switch and signal is present.

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