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MBassador is an extremely powerful bass enhancer and subharmonic generator useful on any kind of audio material, that requires tight, strong and powerful bass content. The plugin first uses a cross-over to separate the existing bass content from the rest of the signal, which is left intact.

The bass content is then processed using 3 modules. Each of them generates some sort of bass/subbass signal, which you can arbitrarily mix with the output. First there is Bass enhancer, which resynthesizes the bass signal itself in a very tight manner and produces higher harmonics, which help translate the bass signal onto low-end playback systems, which are not able to produce low frequencies well. It is enabled by default as it is almost always advantageous.

Second module is a Sub generator, which produces a subharmonic of the original signal, a tone an octave below the lowerst note in the signal. In many cases there is literally no spectral content below say 100Hz, which makes the bass sound weak.

This module would synthesize 50Hz tone in the mentioned example, producing strong and tight bass. It is especially useful on any kind of drums and most bass instruments, especially when producing modern dance styles. Note that in order for this module to work, the bass content needs to be monophonic or percussive, which is usually true. However in other cases the output may become strongly disharmonic.

Finally the third module is a Sub 2 generator, which produces 2nd subharmonic, a tone 2 octaves below the lowest note. Considering 100Hz input signal the output would be 25Hz, which is unlikely to be audible at all, but it can be "felt" and you can hear the higher harmonics of this tone. It can be very well used on bass in modern dance styles and certainly on drums.
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Detailed shaping of bass harmonics

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