Mel Bay


The Mel Bay Harmonica Wall Chart information for both diatonic and chromatic harmonica players.

Included for diatonic harmonica:
  1. A chart of notes for all major keys and relative positions

  2. Note layout for standard draw and blow bending

  3. Note layout for over-bending

  4. Lee Oskar altered tunings, and

  5. The most common scales

    For chromatic harmonica, the chart shows:
    1. Note layout for 10, 12 and 16 hole chromatic harmonicas, and

    2. Complete major and minor scales along with common modes
  • Format: Wall Chart
  • Series: Wall Chart
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
  • Date Published: 2/20/2003
  • Difficulty: multiple levels
  • Page count: 1
  • Binding: rolled
  • Size: 24" x 35"