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The SA-2 Dialog Processor is digital recreation of a one-of-a-kind hardware processor developed, and used exclusively by award-winning re-recording mixer Mike Minkler on over 100 major motion pictures. The team at McDSP was tasked with making a plug-in version that reacted the same way as the highly south after hardware unit. The SA-2 Dialog Processor has already been used on multiple major motion picture mixes, and while its conception originated from critical dialog mixing, it can also be used on balancing vocals, drums, synths and guitars. 

The SA-2 Dialog Processor is made up of 5 bands of strategic active equalization, configured in a variety of modes to best address common issues of dialog. Each band of active equalization has a threshold control to determine at what signal level the active equalizer begins to effect the signal. There are also enable buttons for each band to quickly audition the effect of any given band. Two mode selectors—one for controlling the ballistics of the active equalization, and a second for placing the five bands at strategic locations in the frequency spectrum. Finally, there are input and output gain controls for overall adjustment.
McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor HD v7

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  • Five independent bands of strategic active equalization
  • Multiple process modes for a variety of applications
  • Unique signal reduction metering
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultralow latency
  • All McDSP v7 plug-ins are optimized for Apple Silicon and the latest Intel processors
  • This v7 also comes with a generous 1,500+ additional presets, saving you time dialing in just the sound you need to get started with your mixing process

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