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Origin Series | Official Demo | Marshallplay button

Origin Series | Official Demo | Marshall

Tones Of Origin | 50's | Marshallplay button

Tones Of Origin | 50's | Marshall

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Tones Of Origin | 60's | Marshall

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Tones Of Origin | 70's | Marshall


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The Marshall Origin50H is an all-valve 50W guitar amp head that gives players a blend of vintage and modern tones in a portable package. The Origin50H features a unique Tilt control that lets you blend bright and normal sounds for a range of tones from clean to crunchy. The 3 ECC83 preamp tubes and 2 EL34 power tubes generate a rich, harmonic tone that pairs well with pedals or stands on its own.

Tilt Control Provides a Range of Vintage and Modern Tones

The Origin50H's standout feature is its Tilt control, which lets you blend bright and normal sounds for a range of tones from vintage to modern. Roll the Tilt control clockwise for a brighter tone with chimey highs, ideal for clean and lightly overdriven sounds. Turn it counterclockwise for a warmer, fuller tone with rich mids, perfect for higher-gain crunch and lead tones. The Tilt control gives you a versatile amp head that can produce a variety of coveted tube amp tones.

Reduce Power for Bedroom Levels or Crank to 50W

While the Origin50H pumps out a robust 50W of power, it also has switchable 5W and 10W modes so you can get cranked tube tone at lower volumes. The power reduction features make this an ideal amp for practice, recording and gigging. When you're ready to cut through a full band, just switch over to the 50W mode for a volume boost.

Shape Your Tone With 3-Band EQ and Presence

In addition to its wide range of sounds, the Origin50H gives you full control over your tone with bass, middle, treble and presence controls. Boost the bass and treble for a V-shaped tone that cuts through the mix or scoop the mids for a classic rock sound. Add presence to enhance high-frequency detail. The EQ provides the tools you need to craft your perfect tone.

Built for Gigging and Jamming

The Origin50H comes with useful features for live playing and jamming like an FX loop to integrate your pedals, a footswitchable boost for solos and a durable nylon gig bag. Weighing in at just over 26 pounds, the Origin50H is easy to transport from gig to gig. Overall, the Marshall Origin50H is a versatile and portable tube amp head ideal for crafting a range of coveted vintage and modern rock tones on stage or in the studio.

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Power: 50W (tube)
  • Power switching: high, medium and low output
  • Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); two EL34 (power amp)
  • Single channel
  • Controls: 3-band EQ, tilt, master, presence, boost
  • Tilt control – blends bright and normal sounds
  • Footswitchable FX loop, boost
  • Footswitch included
  • Dimensions: 22.71" x 8.97" x 8.85"
  • Weight: 26.01 lb.

collapse expand iconWarranty

5 year parts/ 3 year labor warranty.