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The MB Yellow PB from Markbass delivers the iconic, fundamental punch of a split-coil pickup in an easy-to-play electric bass. Designed for beginners seeking their first bass as well as musicians looking for a quality second instrument, the MB Yellow PB bass has a wider neck that provides comfort while playing. It also features simple volume and tone controls, making it easy to dial in your desired tone. The single split-coil pickup produces a fat, solid tone perfect for classic rock, country, punk, surf and grunge genres. Despite its budget-friendly price, the MB Yellow PB bass offers proven quality through rigorous inspection at Markbass headquarters in Italy.

Achieve Iconic Tone With the Split-Coil Pickup

The MB Yellow PB bass guitar is equipped with a single split-coil pickup that delivers the iconic, punchy tone favored by generations of bass players. The split-coil design produces enhanced output and classic warm character, making it a great choice for fundamental bass lines in rock, country, punk and other popular styles. Dialing in your tone is effortless with individual volume and tone knobs. Turn up the volume for aggressive attack or roll it back for a smoother sound. Shape your EQ with the intuitive tone control. Whether you want a bright, cutting presence or a smooth, rounded low-end, the MB Yellow PB makes it easy to find your sound.

Play Comfortably With the Wide Maple Neck

The MB Yellow PB bass features a wider neck designed for playing comfort. The extra girth allows for a more relaxed hand position while the smooth maple construction provides effortless playability up and down the fingerboard. The wider profile is ideal if you have larger hands or prefer the stability and feel of a broader neck. Combined with the 34" scale length and 20 easily accessible frets, the neck design makes playing the MB Yellow PB a pleasure rather than a chore. It allows you to play accurately, quickly move around the neck and minimize hand fatigue over long practice or gigging sessions.

Hone Your Sound With Simple Controls

The control layout of the MB Yellow PB bass is elegantly simple while providing essential tone-shaping options. It features individual volume and tone knobs for dialing in your desired amount of output and EQ. The volume control allows you to go from a roaring distorted tone to a clean, balanced sound. Turn up the volume for more bite and aggressiveness or roll it back for a smoother, more rounded tone. The intuitive tone knob lets you shape your EQ from bright and cutting to deep and thumpy. Finding your ideal tone is quick and easy with these essential controls.

Quality Construction in an Affordable Package

The MB Yellow PB electric bass delivers proven quality and durability at an affordable price point. It features a solid poplar body and maple neck for resonant, lasting performance. The black pickguard provides understated style and protection from pick scratches. Each bass is individually inspected at the Markbass factory in Italy, undergoing the same rigorous quality control as the brand's premium instruments. Your MB Yellow PB also includes a padded gig bag for safe transport and storage. For an easy-playing, great-sounding electric bass, the MB Yellow PB is an ideal choice.

Markbass MB Yellow PB Electric Bass
Markbass MB Yellow PB Electric Bass
Markbass MB Yellow PB Electric Bass

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  • Splitcoil pickup for punchy tone
  • Maple neck and laurel fingerboard
  • Passive volume and tone controls
  • P-style poplar body

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