The Markbass CMD 102P IV is a front-ported 2x10 combo that is a great option for gigging bassists who want to cut through the mix without a big rig. The more aggressive tone of the 10" speakers means you can often get by just with this combo, but it does also stack with any 8-ohm Traveler or Standard cab, for more volume and headroom. The CMD 102P IV combo is perfect for any situation. The Little Mark IV Combo head features the bi-band limiter, a Mute switch and the 3-way switch with Flat, Scooped or FSW options. The wedge cabinet design allows it to be used either in a standard vertical position or as floor monitor, offering to you the best monitoring on stage. 

Updated 4-band EQ, Old School Filter, 3-Way Switch
The updated 4-band EQ section features very effective controls allowing you to easily find the sound you want, boosting or cutting up to 16dB for each of the four bands to cover all the tonal nuances needed in any genre of music. Additionally the Old School filter cuts your high frequencies and gives a round and smooth tone. The 3-way rotary switch allows you to choose between a super-balanced flat tone, a scooped preset that drops the mids while boosting the lows and highs—giving a superb slap sound, or lastly the FSW option to control both mute and the Scooped EQ on demand by connecting an optional dual footswitch.

Bi-Band Limiter
A bi-band limiter responds faster and more dynamically to your playing than traditional limiters do and lets your high end "breathe" for a more natural sound. It makes the CMD 102 P IV amp heads a great choice for anyone who enjoys a quick, punchy attack at high volumes.

Wedge Design
The angled cabinet design allows the unit to be used either as a floor monitor or in standard position. The angled position is fantastic in applications where your amp is mostly for your personal monitoring, so you can perfectly hear yourself on any stage.

Stack With an Extension Cabinet
If you add an external cabinet to the CMD 102P IV combo, you can fill a large venue with headroom to spare. This combo stacks perfectly with any Traveler or Standard series cabinets.