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Marching Tenor Drums

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No marching band is complete without tenor drums. In fact, drumlines typically consist of multiple tom-toms performed on by a single drummer, and the result is a colorful performance that acts as the mid-voice between the higher-pitched snare and the lower-pitched bass. These days you'll discover a wide range of marching tenor drums available in a variety of configurations. These mounted sets are named in relation to how many drums they contain: trios (3), quads (4), quints (5) and sextets (6). Of course, you'll also find plenty of individual marching tenor drums as well, and the right choice will ultimately boil down to you and your marching band's current needs and preferences.

If you're buying for a youngster who is just getting started in a marching band, your best bet is to start with something in a lower price range. For example, the Sound Percussion Birch Marching Tenor Drum with Carriers Quad with Carrier is a top seller that's designed specifically for school functions and halftime shows. Featuring 7-ply birch shells in sizes 8", 10", 12" and 13", this quad set comes with sticks and a free t-style lightweight carrier (which often cost up to $200 on their own).

Now for those who are members of a well-established marching band, you might want to consider something like the Tama Marching Bubinga/Birch Tenor Quint. In collaboration with Kanstul, Tama's current line of marching tenor drums are everything an experienced player could ask for. Lightweight, easy to maneuver and boasting exceptional power, these drums can even be positioned at different angles to suit various body types. Give this marching quint a closer look and see for yourself why so many pro-level marching drummers are ranting and raving about Tama.

Playing the tenor drums is a fun and rewarding way to show off your impressive drumming skills; many percussionists even consider tenor drums to be the most challenging drums to take on in a marching band. For this reason, you can bet that every drum and percussion company represented in these pages goes to great lengths to ensure every marching tenor drum they design exceeds the expectations of even the most experienced player.
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