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Marching Trios

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A marching band simply isn't complete without tenor drums. When marching tenor drums are in configurations of three, they're known as "trios", and the marching trios in this selection are ideal for anyone who wants their performance to stand out as they add more color to their drumline. Trusted drum and percussion brands like Tama are preferred by many marching band members for their durable, responsive tenor drums; they even offer marching trios that are paired with lightweight carriers.

Tama's world-class reputation for mastering the art of marching percussion has a lot to do with the clarity and power of drums found in their Starlight Series. Featuring birch shells, Starlight drums truly are in a league of their own, and their focused sound is fully evident in the Tama Marching Starlight Marching Tenor Drums Trio. Featuring 8", 10" and 12" tenor drums in Sugar White, the tightness and volume of this marching trio needs to be heard to be believed. In fact, it's the result of 8 plies of 100% birch. With their high-tension lugs, low-mass cast aluminum lugs and 1.6 mm steel trip-flanged hoops, this marching trio will have your drumline one step closer to winning that next big competition.

And remember, Tama also offers the same tenor drums trio mentioned above along with the Starlight Marching Tenor Carrier. Built from super-light aluminum and boasting a height-adjustable chest-plate, safety lock mounting system and foam padding on the shoulders, this carrier will ensure every roll and accent you perform in your battery is an effortless endeavor. Whether you're performing out on the football field or in the parade square, you can bet that your marching trio talents will be recognized by anyone lucky enough to see you in action when you go with one of this catalog's marching trio options.