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The Mapex Armory limited-edition 7-piece shell pack brings together the best of both worlds with its ingenious hybrid shell concept. Fusing birch and maple in a proprietary process, Mapex achieves the ultimate tonal expression and resonance in a drum kit that is ready to be played in any musical context. The included bass drum, complemented by three rack toms and two floor toms, and Tomahawk snare drum provides a versatile 7-piece configuration suitable for a wide range of genres and playing styles. With the Armory, you get the articulation and focus of maple with the weight and low end of birch.

SONIClear Bearing Edges Optimize Drumhead Response

The Armory shell pack implements Mapex's SONIClear bearing edges, an innovation that allows each drum head to sit completely flat against its corresponding shell. This optimized relationship between head and shell brings out the best possible response. You'll notice more sustain and a warmer, fuller tonality from your drums, since the SONIClear edges eliminate dead spots and allow the head to vibrate freely. Your drums will sing with crystal clarity and resonance thanks to this clever design advancement.

Hybrid Shells Unlock the Best of Both Worlds

By blending birch and maple plies using a proprietary process, the Armory's hybrid shells provide the ideal foundation for expressive, nuanced drumming. The all-maple shells offer superb clarity and projection, while the birch plies add low-end punch and improved sustain. Combining these woods provides the articulation to cut through a mix with the warmth and resonance desired from a drum kit. The Armory gives you the best of both birch and maple in one seamlessly integrated shell.

Complete Setup for Gigging Drummers

With its versatile 7-piece shell pack configuration, this Armory limited-edition shell pack is ready to meet the needs of gigging drummers who play a wide variety of styles. It comes complete with a 22x18" bass drum, three rack toms, 8x7", 10x8", 12x9", two floor toms, 14x14", 16x16" and a 14x5.5" Tomahawk snare drum. Mapex also includes a TH676 double tom holder for your convenience. This comprehensive setup gives you all the components you need to craft your signature drum sound, night after night.

Mapex Armory Limited Edition 7-Piece Shell Pack with 22 in. Bass Drum Garnet Ocean
Mapex Armory Limited Edition 7-Piece Shell Pack with 22 in. Bass Drum Garnet Ocean
Mapex Armory Limited Edition 7-Piece Shell Pack with 22 in. Bass Drum Garnet Ocean

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Finish and hoops - one year warranty.
Hardware - 2 year warranty.
Shells - lifetime warranty.