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The original Stereo ELOP, or Electro Optical Limiter, was one of the first Manley products from the early 1990’s. With its through-hole printed circuit board construction and hours of tedious hand-looming, it sure looked like 1992 inside the chassis.

The unit was scrubbed for buildability, embracing modern production techniques. Importantly, the power supply was upgraded to Manley's proprietary universal voltage Switch Mode Power Supply, which lowered the noise level and made the unit a true world-traveler.

They've also added a 3:1 compression ratio feature, which opens up the doors to greater versatility, especially for 2-buss applications. With careful reference to a sonic past, Manley have deployed their highest performance vacuum tube line amplifier and White Follower output stage in this new version, all housed in a build-efficient chassis behind a drop-dead gorgeous precision-CNC-milled faceplate - all proudly made in America, of course. The new Manley ELOP+ is everything you love about the legendary ELOP, plus!
Manley Elop+ Stereo Limiter Compressor
Manley Elop+ Stereo Limiter Compressor

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