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The Memotron m2k is the digital remake of one of the most unusual and fascinating electronic instruments in history. It has been enthusiastically reviewed by professional music writers and also in synth forums, both highly discriminating audiences. It has been said that playing the Memotron is like achieving the impossible: finding a perfectly regulated version of the original. Many of the behaviors of the original defined its charm, but others defined its difficulty to work with. The best of the charming behaviors have been emulated while the worst behaviors have been solved. The keyboard's feel cannot be overstated. It has a charm and a playability all its own, something many modern synthesizers and sample-based instruments fail to achieve. 

An extensive sound library of high-quality samples taken of original instruments from the 60’s and 70s lets you experience again the legendary sound of Genesis, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the Moody Blues as well as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. The sounds are directly pulled from the internal memory (encompassing approx. 700 memorycells), without requiring a loading-process. New sounds can be imported via SD-card, and settings (Panaroma, Volume, Effects, as well as Attack- and Release-times) can be saved conveniently in the form of "frames."

Your purchase includes 100 sounds (the complete Studio and Vintage 1 Collection and a selection of single sounds from all other available collections plus 57 new sounds). All other available Memotron Sounds can be used as well. The integrated effects-section possesses numerous, adjustable effects like: Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo, Echo and Delay.
Manikin Electronic Memotron Keyboard

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  • Fully polyphonic (111 voices)
  • Up to three sounds loadable
  • Controls: volume, tone, pitch, frame, half-speed
  • Adjustable effects processor
  • Headphone output
  • Volume pedal input
  • Stereo line output
  • MIDI In / Out
  • Internal sound-memory (700 sounds)
  • SD card slot (rear)
  • High-quality metal case
  • Int. power supply (90-240V~ AC/ 50-60Hz)