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The Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands is designed to provide superior stability and durability for musicians. The flagship model from industry leader Manhasset Specialty Company, the M48 has been the go-to choice of professional orchestras and bands for decades. These stands feature solid brass bearings and clutches; an original Magic Finger Clutch for one-handed height adjustment; rugged yet lightweight aluminum desks; and automatic friction-tilt necks for finding the perfect viewing angle.

Built to Withstand Rigorous Use

With a reputation for longevity and dependability, the M48 is built using high-quality, durable materials to handle frequent transport and adjustments. The all-aluminum desk is ribbed for reinforced strength and has a scratch-resistant, black, textured finish. The heavy-gauge, steel base provides a wide, stable footprint for security on risers or stages. Precision-engineered moving parts like the greaseless chrome inner shaft, brass bearings, and Magic Finger Clutch are designed to function smoothly after years of use.

Ergonomic, User-Friendly Design

Musicians will appreciate the M48's thoughtful, functional details that make it comfortable and convenient to use. The 26" to 48" height range accommodates players of varying statures. The automatic friction-tilt neck allows for tool-free angle changes and locks in place at the desired tilt. The open-frame base takes up minimal storage space when folded. When extended, the tripod base provides a stable work surface without obstructing legroom.

The Perfect Accessory for Any Musician

Whether you're an amateur or professional, the M48 carton of 6 music stands belongs in every musician's gear collection. Students can benefit from a durable, adjustable stand to support their music during practice sessions. Gigging musicians will value a stand that's built to handle transport between venues. For orchestra or symphony members, the M48 offers consistent quality and performance to meet the demands of group play. With unparalleled construction at an affordable price, the M48 carton of 6 music stands delivers value that's music to any musician's ears.

Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands
Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands
Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands

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  • Bundle of 6 M48 Music Stands
  • Aluminum desk
  • The original Magic Finger Clutch
  • Solid brass bearings and clutches
  • Automatic friction-tilt neck
  • Heavy-gauge, all-steel base
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

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