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New Mackie Thump Loudspeaker Series | Power & Clarity


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The Mackie Thump115S powered subwoofer has been meticulously redesigned to deliver even more sonic muscle, signal-processing options and ease of use. The best-selling original Thump models immediately won over scores of DJs, bands and singer-songwriters—as well as sound engineers for houses of worship, theaters and corporate events—with high-performance features and affordable prices. Now, Mackie has upgraded the entire Thump series with a stunning evolution of power, drivers, gig-optimizing controls and additional speaker options. The full range now includes Thump 12" and 15" models, enhanced ThumpXT variations (also in 12" and 15" speaker sizes), and two Thump subwoofers (15" and 18"). With selectable voicing modes and a variable crossover, the next-generation Thump115S subwoofers are optimized to work seamlessly with a complete Thump system—adding thick, punchy and walloping low end to kick drums and toms, percussion samples, bass guitars, keyboards and whatever needs more “thump” in your mix.

Mackie Thump115S Power

Power Up

To really thump the bass, you need clean power with significant headroom. The next-gen Thump115S is equipped with a 1,400-watt Class-D amplifier to ensure that low frequencies rumble with no acoustic compression, gristle or mud. All you hear is pristine, clean bass with no audio anomalies—even when you’re rocking the dance floor with big-club volume levels. The 15" woofer is designed to handle a sound-pressure level of up to 131dB, while consistently delivering warm, round and dynamic low end.

Mackie Thump115S Voicing

Own the Room

The Thump115S offers features that let you not only tailor the subwoofer to the room environment you’re performing in, but also to enhance the style of music and/or the configuration of your act. Three voicing modes for the Thump115S ensure it is putting out the exact sound you need to wow the crowd. Flat keeps the frequency spectrum balanced and natural (pretty much what you put in, is what the audience will hear), Deep pumps up the bass for thrilling dance, EDM, rap and industrial music fans, and Punch delivers maximum impact for rock bands, as well as other groups that want taut, propulsive lows. To further dial in the Thump115S, a variable crossover frequency lets you determine which lows and low-mids are handled by the main system, and which are assigned to the subwoofer. In addition, you can choose mono or stereo summing to deploy one Thump115S or go for two subwoofers.

Mackie Thump115S Gig Tough

Tough at the Gig, Easy to Get to the Gig

The prospect of moving subwoofers usually strikes fear into the hearts of even the hardiest bands and support crews. They are beasts. However, the Thump115S weighs a manageable 75 lb. and the new integrated, ergonomically designed top handles make carting the cabinets a relatively comfortable task. But while the Thump115S goes easy on transport, it gives absolutely no quarter to the rough-and-tumble cage match of touring or constantly setting up and breaking down at local gigs. Mackie’s Built Like A Tank construction has proven time and time again that it can withstand bangs, bumps, collisions, stage dives and virtually any mischief thrown down by zombies, aliens or distracted roadies.

Bring Cinematic Sound to Your Shows

Conventional speaker mains can certainly deliver full-bandwidth sound to a show. That said, anyone who has seen an action flick at a cineplex, or bought expanded-audio headphones for gaming, or installed a multi-speaker home-theater system is probably looking for exhilarating, thunderous bass as part of their musical experience. Simply adding the affordable Thump115S to your live-performance rig can transform a two-dimensional soundscape into an awe-inspiring sensory barrage of immersive audio.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Variable crossover frequency
  • Polarity invert switch
  • Defeatable front LED
  • Stereo or mono summing for single or dual subwoofer deployment
  • Variable level control (-6dBU to +6dBU)
  • Front LED On/Off
  • Voicing Modes
    • Flat – Natural balance between deep bass and overall output
    • Deep – Emphasizes ultra-low frequencies, great for dance, rap and electronic music
    • Punch – Prioritizes highest possible output level, great for bands and rock music
    • Variable
    Versatile I/O
    • Stereo XLR inputs
    • Stereo full-range XLR outputs
    • Stereo high-pass XLR outputs
    • Versatile configuration options 
    • Integrated M20-threaded pole mount

    collapse expand iconSpecs

    • Power: 1,400W
    • Amp type: Class-D
    • Woofer: 15"
    • Frequency response: 36Hz–200Hz
    • Max SPL: 131dB
    • Weight: 75 lb.
    • Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 23"

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