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The Mackie ProFX30v3 is the ultimate solution for musicians, podcasters and live streamers. Now featuring Mackie's renowned Onyx mic preamps that provide 60 dB of gain, everything from dynamic mics to electric guitars will sound pristine. The built-in GigFX effects engine offers 24 effects including reverbs, delays and choruses for polished results. Record in 24-bit/192 kHz quality over USB, with zero-latency monitoring for seamless overdubbing. Included Waveform OEM recording software bundle provides a complete production suite.

Onyx Mic Preamps Deliver Pristine Sound

The Mackie ProFX30v3's 25 Onyx mic preamps provide high headroom and ultra-low noise for a clean signal from any mic or instrument. Each preamp has its own gain control for simple adjustment and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. The result is a transparent, balanced tone from vocals, drums, guitars and more.

Built-In GigFX Effects Engine

Mackie's GigFX effects engine offers 24 studio-grade effects to enhance your sound. Choose from reverbs like Room, Hall and Plate, tap tempo delays, choruses, flangers and more. Dial in the perfect amount of each effect using the dedicated FX send knobs on every channel. Create lush, dramatic textures or subtle enhancements with the turn of a knob.

Record in Studio Quality Over USB

The ProFX30v3's USB interface provides 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution for pristine recording quality. Capture two independent mixes and stream them back into the mixer with zero latency, allowing for easy overdubs. Included Waveform OEM recording software provide a full production suite to craft professional recordings, podcasts and live streams.

Flexible Connectivity and Rugged Construction

In addition to its USB interface, the ProFX30v3 provides XLR and 1/4" outputs, aux sends, a headphone out with independent level control and more. Its rugged metal chassis and durable components are built to withstand the rigors of live performance and transportation between gigs. Power it all via the included power supply for a complete, professional solution.

Mackie ProFX30v3 30-Channel 4-Bus Professional Effects Mixer With USB
Mackie ProFX30v3 30-Channel 4-Bus Professional Effects Mixer With USB
Mackie ProFX30v3 30-Channel 4-Bus Professional Effects Mixer With USB

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  • 30-channel USB mixer with 25 low-noise, high-headroom Onyx preamps that provide 60dB of gain
  • 3-band EQ with On/Off hard bypass switch and variable mid frequency control
  • Dual stereo USB return for additional routing flexibility during performances
  • Latency-free direct monitoring for hassle-free overdub sessions
  • High-resolution recording with sample rates up to 192kHz to Mac/PC via USB
  • 24 included effects, including reverbs, delays and choruses, delivered via GigFX effects engine
  • Built-in compression keeps louder audio in check while pulling up softer audio sources
  • Switchable Hi-Z inputs for guitars, bass, and other instruments
  • 100Hz low-cut filter and 48V phantom power on all channels
  • AUX/Monitor with dedicated per-channel send control
  • Dual stereo subgroup output bus with per-channel assignment
  • Headphone output with separate level and blend control
  • Dedicated control room output with level control
  • Footswitch input for FX mute
  • Waveform OEM professional software bundle included with purchase of ProFX30v3

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