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Meet the new Mackie ProFXv3 PLUS Seriesplay button

Meet the new Mackie ProFXv3 PLUS Series

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What's New At Mackie?


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The Mackie ProFX10v3+ is a professional 10-channel analog mixer and USB-C audio interface designed to elevate your podcasts, live streams and performances. With award-winning Onyx preamps, built-in compression and onboard EQ on every channel, the ProFX10v3+ captures your vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. An upgraded GigFX+ effects engine provides studio-quality reverb, delay and modulation to enhance your sound. Easily switch between recording modes like Standard to capture the full mix or Loopback to include computer audio when streaming games or playing with backing tracks. Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple to bring in podcast guests or backing music wirelessly. With its integrated 24-bit/192kHz USB-C interface, steel chassis and included Gator nylon mixer bag for transport, the Mackie ProFX10v3+ is the perfect centerpiece for taking your content to the next level.

Premium Onyx Preamps and Analog Compression for Flawless Capture

The Mackie ProFX10v3+ is equipped with four Onyx microphone preamps that provide up to 60dB of ultraclean gain to amplify mics with virtually no noise or distortion. This makes it easy to get robust, professional-quality vocal and instrument recordings. Channels one and two also feature single-knob analog compression to control dynamics and all channels include three-band EQ for sculpting your tone. From podcast narration to lead vocals to acoustic guitar, the ProFX10v3+ gives you the tools to capture sound sources with exceptional transparency.

Upgraded GigFX+ Engine Adds Studio Magic

An upgraded GigFX+ effects engine provides studio-quality processing to take your productions to the next level. With 12 different effects like reverb, delay, chorus and more, you can add dimension and polish to vocals, instruments and full mixes. Easily tweak parameters and save your favorite presets while the full-color LCD screen makes editing and recalling presets intuitive. Whether you want lush reverb on a podcast voiceover or delay on a guitar solo, the ProFX10v3+ delivers professional sound enhancement.

Seamless Computer Connectivity for Streaming and Recording

With its integrated 24-bit/192kHz USB-C interface, the ProFX10v3+ provides seamless connectivity with computers. Three recording modes adapt to different needs, standard mode captures the full mix with EQ and effects for polished recording and streaming. While loopback mode allows you to include computer audio, perfect for streaming games or playing along to backing tracks and interface mode sends dry signals to your DAW for recording mixes in post. For podcasters, musicians and streamers alike, the ProFX10v3+ is the ultimate computer companion.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity Adds Flexibility

Bluetooth connectivity on the ProFX10v3+ makes it easy to integrate guests and backing tracks wirelessly. Podcasters can bring in callers or introduce sound effects and music beds on the fly while musicians can perform along to backing tracks from a smartphone or tablet with no cables. With its own volume and EQ controls, the Bluetooth channel is perfectly balanced with the rest of your mix. For professional-sounding content with maximum flexibility, the ProFX10v3+ delivers.

With premium preamps, built-in compression and effects, seamless computer connectivity and Bluetooth control, the Mackie ProFX10v3+ empowers podcasters, streamers and musicians to create professional, polished content. Its rugged steel chassis is built to withstand heavy use while the included Gator mixer bag keeps it protected on the go. For versatile audio interfacing, mixing and processing, the Mackie ProFX10v3+ is the ideal studio companion.

Mackie ProFX10v3+ 10-Channel Mixer With Gator Mixer Bag
Mackie ProFX10v3+ 10-Channel Mixer With Gator Mixer Bag
Mackie ProFX10v3+ 10-Channel Mixer With Gator Mixer Bag

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  • 10 Onyx mic preamps with three-band EQ and compression
  • 24-bit/192kHz USB interface for recording and playback
  • GigFX effects engine with 16 studio-grade effects including reverb, delay, chorus and more
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless device pairing

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