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The MXR M86 Classic Distortion is a pioneering effect that sets a new standard for distortion pedals. Developed from the ground up using premium components, the M86 delivers a full range of distortion tones, from mild overdrive to saturated crunch. Its natural, amp-like distortion is versatile enough for any playing style and transparent enough to preserve your guitar's unique voice.

A Spectrum of Distortion Tones at Your Feet

With the M86 Classic Distortion, you have a wealth of distortion flavors instantly available. Roll back the drive knob for a touch of grit that enhances your clean tone, perfect for blues and classic rock. Crank the drive up higher for a snarling hard rock crunch. No matter where you set it, the M86's distortion always sounds natural and amp-like.

Premium Components for Superior Sound

MXR engineers hand-selected each component in the M86 Classic Distortion to deliver the highest quality distortion tone. Premium op amps, film capacitors and resistors work together to produce rich harmonic distortion that makes each note sing. Rugged construction and road-ready design mean this pedal can stand up to the demands of gigging and touring.

Maintains Your Guitar's Natural Voice

While the M86 Classic Distortion serves up aggressive high-gain tones in spades, it is also impressively transparent. Your guitar's tone comes through clearly even with heavier distortion settings. The M86 enhances your tone without coloring it, allowing the natural qualities of your pickups and woods to shine through.

Simple, Intuitive Controls

With just three knobs—level, tone and drive—the M86 Classic Distortion is easy to dial in and adjust on the fly. The level control adjusts the output volume, tone shapes the timbre and drive increases the amount of distortion. A true bypass switch ensures your tone is uncolored when the pedal is off.

MXR M86 Classic Distortion Effects Pedal

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