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MXR® Poly Blue Octave

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MXR® Poly Blue Octave


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The MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave effects pedal is an innovative pedal that lets guitarists explore a range of octave effects to enhance their tone in exciting new ways. Whether you want to emulate a bass guitar, create a 12-string sound or add shimmering high octaves, the M306 has you covered. Designed with guitarists and bassists in mind, this pedal offers a simple yet versatile solution for creative tone shaping.

Emulate a Bass or 12-String Guitar

The M306's Octave switch lets you select between three distinct octave voices: Bass, 12-String or Poly. In Bass mode, the pedal tracks your guitar's signal and generates a bass tone one octave below. This setting is ideal for emulating a bass guitar to fill out your band's lower end. The 12-String mode recreates the chimey sound of a 12-string guitar by doubling your signal one octave up.

Add Shimmering High Octaves

The Poly setting is where the M306 really shines, using MXR's polyphonic octave generator to produce octaves both above and below your dry guitar tone. This creates a lush, spacious sound with layers of octaves that shimmer and sparkle. Adjust the Mix knob to blend the octave effect with your unprocessed guitar tone to create the perfect balance of natural tone and octave richness.

Simple Interface, Roadworthy Design

Despite its advanced octave generation technology, the M306 features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with just a few knobs. It has Volume, Tone and Mix knobs to shape your tone, as well as an Octave switch to select between octave voices. The M306's roadworthy design includes a durable die-cast chassis, footswitch and jacks built to withstand the rigors of stage use night after night. Power it with a 9V battery or optional power supply (sold separately).

Add Depth and Texture to Your Tone

Whether using it for subtle thickening or more obvious special effects, the MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave pedal is a simple yet powerful way to add depth, texture and new sonic dimensions to your guitar playing. Take your tone to another level with the lush, shimmering octaves of the M306.

MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave Effects Pedal Blue
MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave Effects Pedal Blue
MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave Effects Pedal Blue

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Modern and classic pitch shifting in a single pedal
  • Four separate octave divisions, each with its own level control
  • Separate level control for dry signal
  • Toggle between polyphonic and monophonic pitch shifting
  • Add in thick, unruly fuzz inspired by the MXR Blue Box pedal
  • Dual-mode modulation provides Leslie/Phase 90 effects dependent on pitch shifting mode
  • Control various parameters with an expression pedal or tap switch

collapse expand iconWarranty

All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.

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