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MXR's M222 Talk Box brings a legendary effect into the modern age. This innovative pedal houses its own amplifier and speaker driver so you can achieve instantly recognizable talk box tones without a separate rig. The M222 Talk Box is equipped with volume, tone and gain controls to shape your voice and add texture for maximum sonic impact on stage or in the studio.

Built-In Amp Provides Convenience

The M222 Talk Box's built-in amp and speaker driver eliminate the need to connect a separate amplifier, allowing for a compact, pedalboard-friendly setup. Now you can achieve the talk box's signature expressive character anywhere without lugging around extra gear.

Tone-Sculpting Controls Open Up Creative Possibilities

Unlike vintage talk boxes that offer limited tonal control, the M222 Talk Box provides volume, tone and gain knobs to customize your talk box tone. Add a touch of overdrive to full-on distortion with the gain control for extra clarity and definition. Shape your tone with the tone control for an open, airy quality or a more neutral sound. Get the exact level you need with the volume control.

Updated Classic Effect Used by Legends

The talk box has been used by famous musicians in nearly every genre of music. MXR has fine-tuned this legendary effect for modern players while maintaining its signature sound. Add a new trick to your bag and join the ranks of talk box pioneers.

Road-Ready Construction

Like all MXR pedals, the M222 Talk Box is built to endure the rigors of touring in a sturdy metal housing. It includes an 18-volt power supply, 8-foot surgical tube and mic clip so you have everything you need to start using this iconic effect right out of the box.

MXR M222 Talk Box Effects Pedal
MXR M222 Talk Box Effects Pedal

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Fine-tuned by the MXR team for modern gigging gigging convenience and tone sculpting
  • Contains its own amp and speaker driver so you don't have to lug around a separate rig
  • Volume, Tone and Gain controls to shape and add texture
  • Compact and pedalboard-friendly

collapse expand iconWarranty

All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.

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