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MXR M80 Bass Distortion


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The MXR M-80 bass direct box with distortion is a powerful preamp and distortion stompbox that puts total control of your bass tone at your feet. With dedicated clean and overdrive channels, a 3-band EQ and professional-level routing options, the M-80 is built to handle any gig. MXR's M-80 is perfect for wedding bands, rock shows, studio sessions or anything in between.

Shape Your Sound With Flexible EQ and Distortion

The M-80 gives you crystal-clear tone or saturated overdrive at the flip of a switch. Dial in the perfect amount of full-frequency distortion with dedicated gain, volume, blend and trigger knobs. For pristine cleans, the 3-band EQ provides tight control of lows, mids and highs. A color button adds warmth and dimension to both channels. With so much tone-crafting power, you'll always achieve the sound you're after.

Silence Noise Between Notes With Onboard Noise Gate

Unwanted noise won't harsh your mellow thanks to the M-80's built-in noise gate. Click on the gate button to mute hum, buzz and other interference when you're not playing. The gate automatically tracks your dynamics, opening as soon as you start slapping, picking or plucking and closing tight when you stop. With the noise gate engaged, your signal remains clean and focused.

Route Your Way to the Perfect Setup

The M-80 provides XLR direct out, parallel out and amp out jacks for maximum routing flexibility. Send a balanced, studio-ready signal straight to the board via the XLR out, while also driving your amp or cabinet. Use the parallel out to create custom blends by mixing the M-80's signal with other effects or preamps. With professional-grade routing options built right in, the M-80 seamlessly integrates into any live or studio setup.

Take Control of Your Low-End

Compact yet fully-loaded, the MXR M-80 bass direct preamp and distortion stompbox packs everything you need to shape and route bass tone for any application. Experience the difference professional tone shaping and routing can make to your sound.

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  • Distortion channel with gain, volume, and blend controls
  • Color knob
  • 3-band EQ
  • Phantom power
  • 1/4" and XLR outs
  • Parallel output jack

collapse expand iconWarranty

All pedals - one year parts and labor warranty.

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