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As every audio engineer knows, drums definitely take the most time and strategic planning to properly mike - mainly because a kit is made up of so many different sounds. Of course, it's not only the microphone's placement that will play a significant role in the resulting drum sound, but the quality of the mics themselves, which is why you need to choose your models wisely. Thankfully, MXL microphones are constructed by a passionate team of audiophiles who take pride in helping you achieve a full and detailed percussion sound. Whether you're miking drums for the live stage or for recording purposes, MXL is sure to have what you're looking for. So without further hesitation, let's dive right into your options. If it's a first-class snare drum mic that you want, look no further than the MXL A5s Dynamic Snare Drum Microphone with Mountain Clip. Boasting a tight cardioid pickup pattern and a high SPL rating, the A5s has top-notch ambient noise rejection and a smooth frequency response. Simply put, this choice is ideal for any sound person who wants to capture the fast attack of a snare drum in vivid detail. Now, for those who want a versatile drum microphone that works amazingly in overhead recording situations, go with the MXL Drum Cube Pro. Featuring a 6-micron gold sputtered diaphragm and a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, the Drum Cube Pro can record toms, snares and kick drums in absolute clarity. Additionally, this microphone's small design allows for tight placement, and it also comes with a hardmount clip and pouch. As you can see, MXL is definitely the way to go for drum microphones. Be sure to check out the rest of the models here as well, including the A-5t Dynamic Tom Drum Microphone - the perfect solution to adding warmth and punch to your tom sound. Just remember that when you go with MXL, you're going with a company that's been on the cutting-edge of professional audio products since 2000, and many industry pros consider their drum microphones to be the best out there.