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Frank Zappa’s 1988 tour turned out to be his last. Many fans consider it to be FZ's best tour ever; the presence of horns, percussion and "stunt guitar" (not to mention the infamous Synclavier) gave the band a tumbrel variety lacking in the synth-dominated '84 tour, and the proliferation of “secret words” made each show unique. Unfortunately, the tour proved to be a turbulent experience for Zappa due to conflicts among the band members, and this ultimately cut short the existence of this lineup. One of the finest shows on the tour however took place at Barcelona’s Palau Dels Esports on 17th May. This performance is now available here on vinyl for the first time!

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  • Side A : Intro / The Black Page / Packard Goose / Royal March / Piano Concerto No.3 / Sharleena
  • Side B : Bamboozled By Love / Black Napkins / When The Lie’s So Big / Planet Of The Baritone Women
  • Side C : Any Kind Of Pain / Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk / Sofa
  • Side D : Find Her Finer / Big Swifty