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The Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal is back and better than ever. This iconic pedal set the standard for bass drum pedals in the early 1900s and has remained popular in the imaginations of drummers worldwide. Now Ludwig has remastered their classic pedal with advanced features to thrill modern players. The new Speed King has improved cam bearings, a smoother direct-drive linkage and heel plate bearings for increased reliability and response. All wrapped in a polished chrome finish, this pedal delivers the performance and style drummers have come to expect from Ludwig.

A Modern Take on a Vintage Classic

There's no piece of drum hardware more iconic than the Speed King. For decades, the Speed King has been the bass drum pedal of choice for famous drummers like John Bonham, known for his lightning-fast kick drum work. While vintage models are still prized, Ludwig has brought the Speed King into the 21st century. The remastered Speed King features upgraded parts like cam bearings and a redesigned linkage for a fluid, responsive feel. These modern touches expand on a time-tested design, creating a pedal that pays homage to its roots while pushing bass drum performance into the future.

Built to Ludwig's Legendary Standards

The Speed King embodies Ludwig's commitment to quality that has made them an industry leader for over 100 years. The pedal's baseplate and footboard are made of rugged cast aluminum for stability and durability. Its heel plate and linkage are forged steel, built to withstand years of use. All metal parts are finished in a polished chrome that gleams under stage lights. Known for their craftsmanship, Ludwig has brought all of their expertise to bear in creating a pedal that lives up to its famous name.

Responsive Performance for Any Style

The Speed King's direct-drive design provides an unparalleled level of control and feedback. Drummers can feel the beater make contact with the bass drum head through the pedal, allowing for precise articulation and control of dynamics. With a fully adjustable cam and spring, drummers can customize pedal tension and response to suit any playing style from light and bouncy to hard and aggressive. No matter how a drummer chooses to adjust it, the Speed King delivers a fast, accurate performance to keep up with even the most demanding footwork.

A Piece of Drumming History

For over a century, the Ludwig Speed King has shaped the sound of rock, jazz, blues and more. This iconic pedal has powered classic recordings and live performances from drumming legends. Now an entire new generation of drummers can experience the Speed King for themselves. With its blend of vintage style and modern performance, the Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal is a must-have for any serious drummer.

Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal
Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal
Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Remastered version of Ludwig's classic bass drum pedal
  • Same essential design used by some of the most influential drummers ever
  • Enhanced with more reliable modern cam, links and bearings
  • Chrome finish

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Maple and birch drum sets (drums only) - 3 year warranty.
Marching and tympani drums - 3 year warranty.
Sticks and hardware - one year warranty.
Cases - one year warranty.
Accent Drum line - one year warranty.