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The Ludwig BackBeat Complete 5-piece drum set with hardware and cymbals provides drummers with a robust yet affordable option for crafting rhythms in any musical genre. This full-featured set includes 7-ply hardwood shells in a popular 22" bass drum, 10" and 12" rack toms, a 16" floor tom and a 14" snare drum configuration. Paired with a double-braced hi-hat and crash/ride cymbal, and all necessary hardware, the BackBeat set allows drummers of any skill level to explore a spectrum of tones.

7-Ply Hardwood Shells Provide a Solid Foundation 

At the heart of the BackBeat's powerful and articulate sound are 7-ply hardwood shells with 45-degree edges. These high-quality shells enable each drum to resonate with a warm, rich tone that provides an ideal foundation for any style. The 22" bass drum delivers a thunderous low end, while the rack toms, floor tom and snare drum offer a balance of attack and resonance.

Complete Cymbal and Hardware Package

The BackBeat set includes a pair of hi-hats and a crash/ride cymbal, allowing drummers to craft basic rhythms and accents. The full hardware package, with a snare stand, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand and bass drum pedal, provides a stable platform for each drum and cymbal. Adjustable and durable, this hardware ensures that the BackBeat set will provide years of reliable performance.

Adaptable to Any Musical Style

With its blend of powerful low end and articulate attack, the Ludwig BackBeat Complete 5-piece drum set is suitable for virtually any musical genre. The 22" bass drum and 14" snare provide a solid foundation for rock, while the toms offer musicality for jazz and fusion. Capable of both thunderous volumes and nuanced expression, this set empowers drummers with professional-grade quality at an affordable price.

Legendary Ludwig Quality

For over a century, Ludwig has been synonymous with high-quality, innovative drums and percussion. The BackBeat set continues this tradition of excellence, with 7-ply shells, professional-grade cymbals and hardware that provide years of powerful performance. The Ludwig BackBeat set brings Ludwig's legendary quality and sound within reach of drummers at every level.
Ludwig BackBeat Complete 5-Piece Drum Set With Hardware and Cymbals Wine Red Sparkle
Ludwig BackBeat Complete 5-Piece Drum Set With Hardware and Cymbals Wine Red Sparkle
Ludwig BackBeat Complete 5-Piece Drum Set With Hardware and Cymbals Wine Red Sparkle

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  • 7-ply hardwood 22x16" bass drum, 10x8 and 12x9" toms, 16x16" floor tom and 14x5" snare drum
  • Hi-hats and crash/ride cymbals
  • Double-braced hi-hat, cymbal and snare stands
  • Single bass drum pedal
  • Round-top throne
  • Sticks

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Maple and birch drum sets (drums only) - 3 year warranty.
Marching and tympani drums - 3 year warranty.
Sticks and hardware - one year warranty.
Cases - one year warranty.
Accent Drum line - one year warranty.