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The Ludwig Atlas standard boom cymbal stand is designed with the gigging drummer in mind. This rugged yet lightweight stand provides a stable platform for your cymbals night after night. Its double-braced legs prevent wobbling, allowing you to pound out complex rhythms with confidence. Ludwig outfitted this stand with keystone wing nuts that clamp down on cymbals for an uncompromising grip so you never have to worry about cymbals coming loose or wandering out of place. Its insulated tube joint clamps tightly contain resonance within the stand, allowing your cymbals to ring out with pristine clarity and sustain. Your audience will appreciate the full, resonant tone of your cymbals. With the turn of a single wing nut, you can adjust the arm from a straight cymbal stand to an angled boom stand. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different cymbal positions and find what works for your setup and playing style. The threaded cymbal sleeve is also easily replaceable, providing even more customization.

Ludwig Atlas Standard Boom Cymbal Stand

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  • Sturdy double-braced legs
  • New Keystone wing nuts and base feet
  • Ludwig Logo 12mm convertible straight/boom tilter
  • Insulated tube joint clamps
  • Threaded cymbal sleeve locks in place, yet easily replaceable.

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