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The Livewire Replacement 12V 1500mA power supply for Yamaha PA150 mixer. This high quality power supply provides clean, consistent power to your Yamaha PA150 mixer for optimal performance and sound quality. With 150 watts of power and a voltage range of 11V-13.2V, it has more than enough capacity to power your mixer and meet the demands of any gig or recording session.

Premium Components for Premium Sound

The Livewire power supply is built from premium components to minimize noise and interference, providing your PA150 mixer with a clean signal path for the best possible sound. Its high efficiency toroidal transformer and bridge rectifier generate a smooth DC output with minimal ripple to power your mixer's sensitive audio circuitry. Large filter capacitors help reduce noise and transients for a clean, consistent power flow even under heavy loads.

Rugged and Road Ready

Designed for life on the road, the Livewire power supply features a rugged steel chassis and durable components rated to tight tolerances. It can stand up to the rigors of frequent transportation and use in demanding live and studio environments. Rubber feet provide stability and help absorb shocks and vibrations. All connectors and cables are reinforced for maximum reliability and longevity. The power supply carries a one-year warranty from Livewire when purchased.

Simple to Use

The Livewire power supply couldn't be easier to use. Just connect the DC output cable to your Yamaha PA150 mixer, plug the AC power cable into any standard wall outlet, and turn on your mixer. Bright LED indicators show the power supply is on and functioning properly. An included 6' DC output cable gives you flexibility in placing the power supply.

Livewire Replacement 12V 1500mA Power Supply for Yamaha PA150
Livewire Replacement 12V 1500mA Power Supply for Yamaha PA150
Livewire Replacement 12V 1500mA Power Supply for Yamaha PA150