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The Line 6 Powercab 212 Plus 500W 2x12 Powered Stereo Guitar Speaker Cab is an innovative cab delivering 500 watts of stereo power through custom neodymium coaxial speakers, providing guitarists with a robust, professional-grade solution for performing live. Available at Guitar Center, the Powercab 212 Plus is ideal for players wanting to achieve a full, dynamic tone when amplifying their instrument on stage.

Custom Speakers Provide Pristine Sound

At the heart of the Powercab 212 Plus are two custom 12" neodymium coaxial drivers that have been specially voiced to handle the power and frequency range of the amp. This powered cab provides speaker modeling modes that can produce any sound required to cut through live mixes. Their efficient design also allows the Powercab 212 Plus to achieve high SPLs without distortion, providing guitarists with a portable cab that can keep up in any live scenario.

500 Watts of Stereo Power for Immersive Sound

Delivering 250 watts per side in stereo and weighing just under 50 pounds, the lightweight Powercab 212 Plus gives guitarists a full 500 watts of power to work with. This allows for creating an immersive, three-dimensional tone on stage by panning effects and amplifying the guitar signal through both sides of the cab. Stereo power also provides more overall volume for larger venues.

Road-Ready Design Built to Withstand the Rigors of Touring

Designed with the needs of working musicians in mind, the Powercab 212 Plus features a rugged enclosure with durable construction to withstand the stresses of frequent transport and use. Its power amp and efficient speaker design allow for a more compact, portable form factor than traditional guitar cabs, making the Powercab 212 Plus easy to load in and out of venues. With its robust, road-ready build, this stereo cab is ideal for guitarists frequently performing live.

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  • Power: 500W stereo (2 x 250 watts)
  • Delivers up to 131dB SPL
  • Speakers: 2x12" neodymium coaxial speakers; high-frequency compression drivers; 2" voice coils
  • Choice of Flat (FRFR) or Speaker Modeling modes
  • Choice of 12 onboard speaker models (+ IR loading)
  • Plays your stereo presets in stereo not mono
  • 70Hz–20kHz neutral frequency response in Flat mode
  • 128 presets configurable for Flat, Speaker Modeling or IR mode
  • MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU I/O, L6 LINK, USB audio interface

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