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Line 6 continues to prove why they are industry leaders in guitar technology with the Line 6 Powercab 112 250W 1x12 FRFR powered speaker cab, their answer to an active speaker system that gives an "amp-in-the-room" feeling. This is a 1x12" speaker cabinet that delivers on the "full-range, flat response" you're looking for and features six speaker models for ultimate tonal flexibility. With the revolutionary technology used to create the Powercab's speaker modeling mode, you get authentic acoustics to craft your best live performance.

Innovative Technology for Unparalleled Acoustics

The Powercab 112 is a custom manufactured coaxial loudspeaker with a lightweight guitar cone, and a high-frequency 1" compression driver. Combined with the 2" high-temperature voice coil, this well-crafted design gives an expanded functionality that provides a wide tonal range with a high peak 128dB and frequency response of 70Hz–20kHz, for an authentic sonic character. With six speaker models to choose from (Vintage, Green, Cream, Jarvis, Bayou and Essex), it's easy to have the sound and feel of a classic speaker with just the quick touch of a button.

Made With Your Gigging Needs In Mind

Weighing in it at just 35 pounds, the Powercab is compact enough to have an easy portability from venue to venue. It has a rugged construction that was built to endure harsh conditions and still maintain its functionality. A 45-degree, foldout kickstand allows you to tilt it back so you can use it as a floor monitor if need be. With the XLR output jack you can directly link to a PA through microphone emulation. The Powercab 112 achieves a live speaker sound with any modeler, for an ideal playing experience.

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  • Power: 250W
  • Speaker: 1x12" custom-designed coaxial, 1" high-frequency compression driver
  • 128dB peak SPL
  • 6 guitar speaker models
  • 70Hz to 20kHz neutral frequency response in Flat Mode
  • Foldout 45-degree kickstands
  • 1/4" XLR combo input jack
  • XLR output jack
  • Dimensions: 22.4" x 17.1" x 12"
  • Weight: 35 lb.

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