Line 6


The Line 6 HX Stomp XL, like its little brother, the original HX Stomp, is packed with a huge variety of great-sounding vintage and modern effects, plus some pretty amazing Line 6 originals. With its expanded switching, ergonomic I/O design and powerful control features, Guitar Center’s experts consider this a great choice for any player seeking a nerve center for their pedalboard or a versatile audio interface for their guitar recording setup.

Line 6 HX Stomp XL Features

  • Authentic, carefully modeled tone, powerful SHARC audio engine
  • Expanded control with five additional footswitches over the HX Stomp
  • Eight available blocks of dynamic DSP per preset
  • Presets fully interchangeable with HX/Helix family

Super Powerful Modeling Engine

Line 6 developed the incredibly versatile HX modeling engine for their flagship Helix series, based on the unbelievably powerful SHARC DSP chips. Combined with their 25+ years of experience with modeling guitar amps and effects, the HX engine is a premier achievement, and it's what powers the HX Stomp XL. The tiny details are the important part of getting it right, and that's what Line 6 has always excelled at.

Total Control at Your Feet

The HX Stomp XL puts most of its expansion literally at a player's feet. Adding five additional switches over its little brother opens up a whole new world of possibility. Not the least of these possibilities is full control of the 6-Switch Looper, with instant access to the half/full speed and forward/reverse function, among others. The extra switches also allow for four snapshots per preset, enabling a single button press to radically alter your sound without switching presets. Combining the additional switches with the powerful Command Center, you can even send MIDI messages and ASCII keypress shortcuts to outboard gear or your computer.

Flexible DSP for More Sound

With eight blocks of DSP available for every preset, it's easy to create complex presets that enhance any player's sound. Since the HX Engine uses dynamic assignment of processing power, there are fewer limits to what effects can be in use simultaneously.

Part of a Serious Ecosystem

Once the presets are built, they are fully interchangeable with other HX and Helix family products that are running the 3.0 or better firmware, making it easy to swap presets between various devices. The HX Stomp XL can be used by itself as a portable direct rig, as a pedalboard replacement or as part of an extremely powerful larger pedalboard. With the free HX Edit software, it can even be all three.

Use It Anywhere

Other features are just as thoughtfully engineered. With the move of all I/O to the rear panel, it takes up less space on your pedalboard. The master volume knob is moved to the rear panel as well, and spring-loaded so that, once set, it can be recessed with a quick press, avoiding accidental volume changes from a stray guitar cable or wandering foot. The term "Swiss Army knife" is frequently overused, but the Line 6 HX Stomp XL is one place where it’s not pure hyperbole.
  • Authentic tone via the SHARC audio engine
  • XL adds five additional footswitches to HX Stomp format for expanded control
  • Cast metal chassis allows it to be taken anywhere easily
  • Eight blocks of dynamic DSP, presets fully interchangeable with HX/Helix family of products (running 3.0 software)
  • Includes Helix Firmware Update 3.50