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Line 6 | HX Stomp XL | Overview

Line 6

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The Line 6 HX Stomp XL is a professional-grade multi-effects pedal that provides over 300 amp, cab and effects models from the Helix family of products. You will appreciate the realistic sound and feel of the HX models, which are powered by the same SHARC DSP chip found in Line 6's flagship Helix units. With 128 presets optimized for a variety of musical applications like direct to PA, 4-cable amp setups and more, the HX Stomp XL has tones ready for any gig. Each preset can have up to eight simultaneous processing blocks, allowing for complex signal chains and four snapshots per preset provide versatility.

300+ Helix Models for Authentic Tone

The HX Stomp XL includes over 300 amp, cab and effects models from Helix products, modeled component-by-component to provide an authentic analog sound and feel. The DSP chip that powers the Helix line also drives the HX models, ensuring unmatched realism. From vintage to modern, clean to distorted, the HX Stomp XL covers a wide range of tones for guitar and bass.

128 Presets for Any Musical Application

With 128 factory presets, the HX Stomp XL is ready to go for any gig or recording situation. Presets are organized by instrument and application, such as direct to PA, 4-cable amp setups and more. Four snapshots can be saved per preset, allowing for versatility by providing different variations of a tone with the touch of a footswitch.

Eight Simultaneous Processing Blocks and Capacitive Footswitches

Despite its compact size, the HX Stomp XL is a powerhouse. It allows for up to eight processing blocks at once for complex signal chains. The eight capacitive-touch footswitches make it easy to select presets and edit parameters, with color-coded LED rings to keep track of functions. An intuitive interface, simple controls and full-color display further enhance usability.

Connections for Any Setup

With its robust I/O, the HX Stomp XL can serve in nearly any capacity. It works as a traditional stompbox, a backup or travel rig, an add-on for other modelers or a complete guitar or bass rig. Connections include stereo inputs and outputs, an effects loop, MIDI in/out, USB and more. The HX Stomp XL supports 4-cable amp integration, re-amping capabilities and an expansion jack for up to two expression pedals or footswitches.

Line 6 HX Stomp XL Multi-Effects Pedal Black
Line 6 HX Stomp XL Multi-Effects Pedal Black
Line 6 HX Stomp XL Multi-Effects Pedal Black

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  • Authentic tone via the SHARC audio engine
  • XL adds five additional footswitches to HX Stomp format for expanded control
  • Cast metal chassis allows it to be taken anywhere easily
  • Eight blocks of dynamic DSP, presets fully interchangeable with HX/Helix family of products (running 3.0 software)
  • Includes Helix Firmware Update 3.6 free to download

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