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The Line 6 HX Stomp XL limited-edition white multi-effects pedal brings immense modeling power in a compact stompbox design. With the HX Stomp XL, guitarists can dial up authentic amp tones and craft complex effects chains with over 300 amp, cab and effect models derived from Line 6's flagship Helix products. Despite its small size, the HX Stomp XL supports up to 8 simultaneous processing blocks for crafting lush soundscapes. The intuitive interface features eight color-coded capacitive footswitches to easily select presets and make parameter adjustments on the fly. Use it as the heart of a professional live rig or recording setup with its stereo I/O, two FX loops and eight-in/six-out USB audio interface capabilities. The rugged die-cast metal chassis can withstand the rigors of the stage. With the Line 6 HX Stomp XL, guitarists have immense tonal flexibility right at their feet.

Dial up Inspiring Guitar Tones With Over 300 Amp and Effect Models

At the core of the HX Stomp XL are over 300 amp, cab and effect models derived from Line 6's acclaimed Helix line. The models capture the true dynamic response and nuanced tone of classic and modern amps, cabs and effects. Strum a Telecaster through a blackface Fender Twin model for crystalline cleans. Crank up a Rectifier model for thunderous modern high-gain distortion. Craft lush soundscapes by combining multiple modulation, delay and reverb effects. The deep model set enables guitarists to recreate classic tones or explore new sonic territory. Since the models share the same DSP and coding as Helix products, they deliver exceptional sound quality, feel and realism.

Intuitive Interface With Capacitive Footswitches for On-Stage Control

The HX Stomp XL is designed for guitarists who need to tweak tones and effects in real time. The eight capacitive-touch footswitches enable quick preset selection and parameter adjustments mid-song. Their LED collars light up in different colors to indicate the current footswitch assignments. The intuitive interface also provides knobs and buttons for tweaking amp and effect models on the fly. View parameter details on the full-color LCD. Despite its high level of sophistication, the HX Stomp XL is straightforward to operate on stage or in the studio. Guitarists can focus on their playing rather than diving through menus.

Craft Complex Rigs With 8 Simultaneous Processing Blocks

Beneath its compact exterior, the HX Stomp XL provides immense processing capabilities. Each preset can have up to 8 processing blocks active simultaneously. Use it to craft elaborate rigs with multiple amps, intricate effects chains, complex routing and more. The robust DSP enables studio-quality sound, even with multiple HD models active. Program each footswitch to turn individual effects on and off for further real-time sound sculpting. Save up to 4 variations per preset to accommodate different parts of a song. Despite its portable size, the HX Stomp XL provides immense creative flexibility.

Professional Connectivity for Any Playing Scenario

The HX Stomp XL readily integrates into a variety of live and studio scenarios thanks to its flexible I/O options. It provides a stereo FX loop for integrating external pedals and rack effects. Use the USB port to connect to a DAW and utilize the HX Stomp XL as an 8-in/6-out audio interface with near-zero latency monitoring. The HX Stomp XL also supports 4-cable amp setups, re-amping workflows and expansion jacks for expression pedals. With its pro-level connectivity, the HX Stomp XL can serve as the hub of a studio recording rig or the heart of a professional live setup.

Line 6 HX Stomp XL Limited Edition Multi-Effects Pedal White
Line 6 HX Stomp XL Limited Edition Multi-Effects Pedal White
Line 6 HX Stomp XL Limited Edition Multi-Effects Pedal White

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  • 2 discrete signal paths with 400+ amps, cabs and effects
  • HX modeling delivers authentic feel and exceptional sound quality
  • 8 capacitive-touch color-coded footswitches
  • True stereo, 2 effects loops, plus 8-in/6-out USB audio interface
  • Limited-edition white version

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