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The Lehle P-Split III combines passive splitting with the highest possible signal fidelity.
Its applications range from splitting signals and eliminating hum, to balancing and re-amplification along with any signal routing that requires a clean signal free from noise.

At its core is the high-end Lehle Transformer HZ, which galvanically isolates the two outputs, eliminating any possibility of ground loops. The Lehle Transformer HZ was specially designed for use with high-impedance signals but also splits low-impedance signals with uncompromising sound quality. The signal can be picked off either symmetrically or asymmetrically from the ISO output.

By using the phase inverter switch with gold-plated contacts you can flip the signal phase at the ISO output, preventing phase cancellation from impairing signal reproduction.

The classic application for the Lehle P-Split III is splitting an input signal to two outputs, enabling you to connect an instrument to two devices, which may, for example, be two amplifiers, or an amp and a mixer/recording unit (PC/DAW). Thanks to its ability to pick off the balanced signal on the ISO output, the Lehle P-Split III is also eminently suitable for use as a high-quality compact DI box for all types of signal.

Another useful application for the Lehle P-Split III is as a hum suppressor. Frequently background noise caused by ground loops occurs when two electronic devices are connected to each other. The Lehle P-Split III provides a simple, but extremely effective remedy when installed between the two units. Using the ISO output, the devices are galvanically isolated and background noise becomes a thing of the past.

You can even use the versatile Lehle P-Split III as a passive mono summing unit for a stereo signal by using the DIR output as second input.

And just in case you are looking for a power connection: the Lehle P-Split III performs all its functions without any need for a power supply.
Lehle P-Split III Signal Splitter
Lehle P-Split III Signal Splitter
Lehle P-Split III Signal Splitter

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  • Top of enclosure: orange
  • Bottom of enclosure: gris foncé 59
  • All colors by Le Corbusier's color keyboards
  • Passive splitter and DI box
  • Absolutely no signal loss or hum
  • High-impedance Lehle transformer HZ with phase and ground switch
  • Suitable for balanced or unbalanced signals

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