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Left-Handed Classical & Nylon Guitars

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With the left handed classical & nylon guitars, a whole new world of instruments was opened to musicians everywhere. Designed to be plucked or strummed by left handed players, these Spanish-inspired guitars allow for a technical style of play that brings a romantic atmosphere to any song. Popular for generations, these guitars will completely change the way you play. When choosing a left handed classical guitar there are a number of things you should consider to help narrow down your selection.

First, and probably most important, is knowing your specific skill level. More advanced players often expect a better quality of construction to produce the exact sound and projection they desire for live performances. The Taylor 712ce-N-L Nylon String Grand Concert Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar or the Kremona Fiesta F65CW Left-Handed Classical Electric Guitar are incredible options for expert players, allowing musicians to be more adventurous in their play without being too overpowering. Controlled without holding the player back, these guitars let your play truly shine. Secondly, the construction material plays a large role in the overall tone of the guitar. Because of the faster playing style, cedar is the go-to choice for this type of guitar with its purer sound and power, but there are also options available in spruce, maple, rosewoods and many others depending on the sound you want. As well, because most options available are acoustic-electric, making yourself familiar with the type of pickup included is recommended. Magnetic, piezoelectric and microphone pickups all process vibrations differently allowing for a different sound output as you play. Becoming familiar with all the differences will definitely help you find the sound you're looking for. More accessible than ever, left handed classical & nylon guitars will open up a whole new world of playing for you. Popular around the globe for its lively, plucky sound, now it's your time to make a mark on this iconic instrument.