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The LP Performer Series Conga with Chrome Hardware 11" Quinto Red Fade is a conga drum designed to inspire. LP congas are renowned for their warm, resonant tones and sharp slap sounds. The Performer Series Conga features a Siam oak shell and EZ-Curve rims for hand comfort, producing classic conga tones. The steel bottom provides durability for years of practice and performance. Played as a solo drum or in a set, this 11" quinto conga offers rhythmic possibilities for percussionists of all skill levels.

Siam Oak Shell Resonates with Rich Tones

The Performer Series Conga's Siam oak shell produces resonant, open tones with a wide dynamic range. Oak is a traditional material for conga shells, valued for its warmth and resonance. The 11" quinto size provides midrange tones that cut through other percussion.

EZ-Curve Rims Keep Hands Comfortable

The EZ-Curve rims on this LP conga are ergonomically designed for hand comfort and control. The curved shape provides a natural resting place for hands, reducing fatigue over long practice or performance sessions. Rounded edges prevent irritation, allowing percussionists to focus on technique and rhythm.

Tucked Heads Achieve Classic Conga Tones

The Performer Series Conga's tucked animal-hide heads are securely fitted to achieve traditional conga tones. Tucked heads produce a warmer, richer tone than screw-tensioned heads. Combined with the Siam oak shell, the tucked heads generate resonant tones, crisp slap sounds and a wide dynamic range.

Durable Steel Bottom Adds Stability

A steel bottom provides durability and stability for the Performer Series Conga. The steel material prevents damage to the shell if the drum is accidentally dropped or mishandled. Four rubber feet attach to the steel bottom, preventing the drum from sliding during play and protecting floors from scratches.

LP Performer Series Conga With Chrome Hardware 12.50 in. Desert Sand
LP Performer Series Conga With Chrome Hardware 12.50 in. Desert Sand

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  • Quality Siam oak shells
  • EZ-Curve rims for hand comfort
  • Updated exterior drum shell design
  • Steel bottoms added for durability and stability

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Heads - no warranty or guarantee.
Natural wood products - no warranty.
Bags and cases - 90 day warranty.
RhythMix - one year warranty, with the exception of heads.
LP wood or fiberglass shells, timbale shells, stands and hardware, hardware (rims, etc.) - 3 year warranty.
All other products - one year warranty.
Warranty terms vary. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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