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The LP Jam Block, is Latin Percussion's innovative take on the classic wood block. The LP1207 Jam Block boasts the rich, resonant tone of a traditional wood block but is crafted from LP's proprietary Jenigor plastic for unmatched strength and longevity. Available in high-pitch blue or medium-pitch red, the Jam Block produces crisp, cutting sounds ideal for a wide range of musical applications from salsa to soul, funk to fusion. Its heavy-duty mounting bracket and eye-bolt assembly allow for easy installation on any 3/8" rod, making the Jam Block a versatile and road-ready addition to any percussion setup. When only the best will do, the LP Jam Block delivers.

Jenigor Plastic Provides Wood Block Sound Without the Fragility

While wood blocks have been staples of percussion for generations, their wooden construction makes them prone to cracking and warping over time and with heavy use. LP revolutionized the wood block with the development of Jenigor plastic, a proprietary formulation that mimics the rich timbre of wood while standing up to even the hardest hits. The medium-pitch red Jam Block produces a warm, resonant thump with plenty of low-end presence, ideal for salsa, funk, and rock. For brighter, more articulate sounds, the high-pitch blue Jam Block cuts through with a sharp slap.

LP Jam Block with Bracket High Pitch

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