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Kohala Ukuleles

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The sound of a ukulele immediately brings to mind images of calling seagulls and ocean waves crashing, and playing one is an experience that's both fun and comforting. More often than not, ukulelists prefer the feel, look and tone of an instrument from Kohala, and within this section you'll find a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Whether you're relaxing on your porch or on a sandy beach with friends, Kohala ukuleles are your perfect musical companion for fun in the sun, and an ideal match for you can be found right here. Before choosing a ukulele, it helps to understand some of the different types. For example, soprano ukuleles are the smallest and most common ukulele which makes them an excellent choice for beginners. If this is what you're after, then check out the Exclusive Soprano Ukulele. Made of Eastern mahogany and boasting a special finish, this uke is a sweet jam-grinding machine and stays in tune very well. Concert ukuleles are also a popular type, and have a somewhat larger body size and deeper tone than sopranos. Sound appealing? Take a look at the Tiki Concert Ukulele with Tuner. Constructed from Linden wood, featuring a durable satin finish and available in a variety of colors, this concert uke is great for both small gigs and backyard parties. Additionally, it has position markers on both sides of the fretboard, so both right- and left-handed players can enjoy playing this delightful model. Of course, a leading ukulele manufacturer like Kohala has plenty of other options as well. You'll even find an impressive range of tenor ukuleles - a size that is often preferred for its boisterous projection, warm sound and long fretboard. Your best bet is to browse Kohala's entire selection. In the end, just remember that Kohala makes every one of their ukes with convenience in mind - so anyone with an interest in playing this charming stringed instrument can pick one up and learn quickly.