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If the violin is your instrument of choice, you're likely seeking one that brings together the finest design, craftsmanship and innovation so that you can play with passion and confidence. As a world-renowned German luthier, Knilling has refined its designs since the 1920s and has also pioneered technology to simplify tuning string instruments with its Perfection Pegs. This mechanism removes the earlier challenges of the friction peg and is a brilliant solution that professional musicians and students alike have embraced. There are many Knilling violins here to choose from as you look for the one that feels and sounds best for your style of playing.

Just picking up the violin for the first time? The Knilling Perfection II Violin Outfit is easy to play and tune even for beginners. It features U.S. setup, 4:1 gear reduction inside the peg and fine adjustment to make mastering this string instrument a pleasure for the student musician. Complete with a case plus a brazilwood and natural horsehair bow, this outfit is a great way to get started as a budding violinist.

Perhaps you're a seasoned artist craving the rich Romanian sound quality that inspires you to play. The Knilling Perfection III Violin Outfit 4/4 size is built with superb tonewoods and finished in natural varnish so that it sounds and looks fantastic. It practically eliminates the need to tune frequently thanks to the famous planetary peg mechanism mentioned earlier. Designed without the need for tailpiece fine tuners, it keeps the strings sounding as they were meant to, making this an ideal model for the advanced student or pro.

It's no wonder the violin has enjoyed such longevity. From Bach concertos to Led Zeppelin covers, this versatile string instrument brings depth and emotion to many musical compositions in a range of genres. As you research these Knilling Violins, you'll see that this company is as passionate about its craft as you are about your music. If you're shopping for a violin that's easy to tune precisely as well as enjoyable to play and listen to, Knilling offers a terrific selection to take you from weekly classes to conservatory to concert performances. One of these could be the perfect fit to help you hone your talent and discover your own personal sound.