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The Kickport Kickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer, a revolutionary resonant head insert designed to boost your kick drum's low-frequency response and punch. The Kickport's patented design enhances your bass drum's sound by porting the drum like a bass reflex speaker cabinet, which amplifies low frequencies. It adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head, allowing you to remove most internal muffling. The Kickport also focuses the air as it exits the kick drum, creating a natural compression effect that boosts punch.

Tunable for Optimal Tone

The Kickport is tunable, from 16" to 28", for maximum flexibility in bass drum tones. Adjust the tuning of your resonant head to tune the Kickport up or down. This tunability, combined with the Kickport's broadband design, provides more robust low-end, improved definition, and enhanced punch in any acoustic environment.

Feel the Power Behind the Kit

The Kickport's benefits are not just for your audience and sound engineer—you'll feel them behind the kit. Experience a kick drum with more power and resonance. The Kickport gives drummers a tool for perfecting their kick drum's tone, tuning, head selection and mic placement in any playing situation.

Quick and Easy Installation

The Kickport installs in seconds through the resonant head port hole. Simply remove your current resonant head, place the Kickport in the port hole, and reinstall the head. The Kickport instantly improves your kick drum's sound, with no drilling or modifications required.

Roadworthy and Affordable

The Kickport is durable, portable, and affordable, making it an essential addition to any drum set. It's built to handle the rigors of touring and the road. And at its reasonable price point, the Kickport provides an innovative way to improve your kick drum's tone without breaking the bank.

Kickport Kickport Bass Drum Sound Enhancer Red

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  • Boosts low frequencies
  • Adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head
  • Creates a natural compression that increases punch
  • Improves the sound of bass drums sized 16–28 in.
  • Can be tuned up or down by tuning the resonant head