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FAQ Friday: How the $%*! do I set up my speakers in my room?play button

FAQ Friday: How the $%*! do I set up my speakers in my room?

FAQ Friday: Can I put my speakers on their sides?play button

FAQ Friday: Can I put my speakers on their sides?

Which Kali Speaker Should I Buy?play button

Which Kali Speaker Should I Buy?

Kali Audio IN-8 2nd Waveplay button

Kali Audio IN-8 2nd Wave

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Kali Audio's IN-8 V2 is a 3-way studio monitor with an 8" woofer and a 4" midrange with a coaxial 1" tweeter. The new 2nd Wave version of the IN-8 uses a new amplifier platform for better signal to noise ratio, and smoother HF response. Improvements have also been made to the transducer cones and the cabinet construction. The unique architecture of the Midrange and Tweeter eliminates off-axis lobing, giving the IN-8 an incredibly accurate, lifelike stereo image. The strength of the stereo image, combined with the clarity of the speakers overall, make it extremely easy to build a complete picture of your mix.

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  • Speaker acts as an acoustic point source; there is no lobing off-axis
  • Highly detailed imaging for highly accurate mixing
  • Easy to perceive subtle details; allows users to work with more confidence and more quickly
  • No air distortion from the coaxial speakers
  • Greater dynamic range 
  • Accurate low end to the bottom of the frequency response
  • Reliable response allows for mixes that will translate well to other systems
  • Extended bass response
  • Port tube does not add to noise floor
  • Monitors will sound as neutral as possible in a variety of different settings
  • Users can mix in rooms that are not ideal mixing environments
  • Low heat generation

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  • Powered: Yes
  • Amplifier class: D
  • Power configuration: Tri-amped
  • LF Power: 60 W
  • Mid-range power: 40 W
  • HF Power: 40 W
  • Total power: 140 W
  • LF Driver: 8" Poly-coated paper
  • Mid-range driver: 4" Optimized profile poly-coated paper
  • HF Driver: 1" Textile dome
  • Frequency response: (-10 dB) 37 Hz-25 kHz
  • Frequency range: (±3 dB) 45 Hz-21 kHz
  • LF to Mid-range crossover: 280 Hz
  • Mid-range to HF Ccossover: 2800 Hz
  • SPL: 85 dB Continuous at 2.8 meters with 20 dB headroom
  • Max SPL: 117 dB
  • System THD: <1% from 50 Hz to 250 Hz
  • <0.5% from 250 Hz to 400kHz
  • <.3% from 400 Hz to 20kHz
  • (85dB SPL @1m)
  • Inputs: 1 x TRS
  • 1 x XLR
  • 1 x RCA
  • TRS/XLR Input sensitivity: +4 dBu
  • RCA Input sensitivity: -10 dBV
  • HF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB
  • LF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB
  • Boundary EQ settings: Free space (On stands, away from walls)
  • On stands, next to a wall
  • Meter bridge, vertical
  • Meter bridge, horizontal
  • On a desk, away from walls
  • On a desk, next to a wall
  • Enclosure: Front ported
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 17.75" x 11.25" x 10"
  • Product weight: 23 lb.
  • Shipping weight: 25 lb.
  • In the Box: IN-8 Studio monitor, local power cable and quickstart guide

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