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KRK ROKIT Generation Five - 5, 7, and 8 Active Two-Way Studio Reference Monitors Demo


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KRK ROKIT series monitors are a widely popular choice among musicians, producers and engineers—professional and hobbyist alike. Noted for their exceptional value, impressive sound reproduction and high-quality construction, the Generation Five (G5) KRK ROKITs continue to push the envelope for home, project and pro studio monitoring. The KRK ROKIT G5 7" speakers uphold the brand’s longstanding reputation, while introducing innovative new features like voicing modes, room-tuning DSP and redesigned drivers for even better performance. These monitors cover a broad frequency range of 36Hz–40kHz, and pump out an impressive maximum SPL of 110dB from a nearfield monitor. Generation Five KRK ROKIT 7" speakers are a comprehensive monitoring solution for those who demand flexibility and uncompromising sound quality.

KRK ROKIT 7 G5 Voicing Modes

Three Voicing Modes for All-in-One Monitoring

A key feature of the Generation Five KRK ROKIT 7 studio monitor is the inclusion of three selectable voicing modes that alter the speaker’s frequency response for task-specific playback. For critical listening, Mix Mode offers an ultraflat, honest representation of the source material, providing pivotal sonic information during mixdown and mastering. On the other hand, Create Mode hypes the lows and highs, and slightly scoops the midrange, which is a flattering and fun way to monitor—it keeps you inspired during writing and production sessions, and is also great for casual listening. And since midrange frequencies do a lot of heavy lifting in a mix, Focus Mode puts a magnifying glass on them, giving you a zoomed-in look at vocals, guitars, synths, strings and other mid-dominant sounds. The KRK ROKIT 7 G5’s voicing modes are like having three pairs of studio monitors in one—save space, save money and save your mixes.

KRK ROKIT 7 G5 Room Tuning DSP

DSP-Driven Room Tuning

Tailored to fit any acoustic environment, KRK ROKIT 7 studio monitors incorporate advanced onboard DSP to help further tune the speakers to your individual room. There are 25 graphic EQ presets from which to choose, visually represented by a convenient LCD screen displaying exact settings in real time. Through the KRK app, you can take your monitoring a step beyond by utilizing its Acoustic Real-Time Room Analyzer to assist in adequately tuning the speakers and positioning them optimally within your space. KRK ROKIT 7 Generation Five monitors assimilate to any workspace, whether you’re mixing in a fully treated professional control room or making records in your bedroom.

KRK ROKIT 7 G5 Drivers

Proprietary USA-Designed Drivers

The 7" KRK ROKIT G5 speakers punch above their weight thanks to specially designed drivers. An all-new 1" tweeter extends the frequency range to an impressive 40kHz, translating to limitless, silky-smooth top end that helps you dial in the right amount of airiness on vocals, lead synths, woodwinds, strings, complete mixes and masters, and more. Plus, these ROKIT 7s sport a rugged woven Kevlar cone for robust, dynamic sound, with removable magnetic faceplates for a grille or no-grille look. Perhaps most importantly, custom Class-D amplification powers the drivers and ensures efficient, even distribution between them, for cleaner, higher-fidelity sonic reproduction overall. The KRK ROKIT G5s even come with a built-in brickwall limiter to balance the sound and protect the system when sessions get loud.

KRK ROKIT 7 G5 Front-Firing Bass Port

Specially Tuned Front-Firing Bass Port

Built with bass-heavy music in mind, the KRK ROKIT 7 G5 monitors are housed in scientifically tuned cabinets with front-firing low-end ports. Practically, the result is greater bass extension, more “oomph” from kicks and subs, and more flexible room placement—you don’t have to worry about low end unnaturally booming against a wall. Bass frequencies are notoriously difficult to control—especially in untreated rooms—so the ROKIT G5s remedy that at the source. As a bonus, each KRK ROKIT 7 G5 studio monitor comes with its own foam isolation pad to decouple the speaker from its surface and minimize vibrational transmission.

If you’re searching for an accurate, trustworthy monitoring solution with incredible flexibility and range, the Generation 5 KRK ROKIT 7s are a solid choice. Packed with technology to make setup and optimization an afterthought, ROKIT G5s are designed to excel in any and every music production space, be it a commercial recording facility or a makeshift home studio. The 7" KRK ROKITs are at your local Guitar Center, waiting to be heard—stop in and see what makes these a go-to for music-makers of all kinds.

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  • KRK app features Acoustic Real-time Room Analyzer designed for better monitoring and faster mixing
  • Custom Class-D amplifiers power the drivers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures
  • Two magnetic faceplates are included for protective grille or no-grille flexibility
  • High-density foam isolation pads are included and minimize vibration transmission for improved clarity

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  • Frequency Response: 45Hz–36kHz
  • Frequency Range: 36Hz–40kHz
  • Max SPL: 110dB
  • Power Output: 145 watts
  • Input Impedance: 5.12 kohm Balanced
  • Input Balanced: XLR/TRS; Combo Jack
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 13.35” (339 mm) x 8.86” (225 mm) x 11.42” (290 mm)

collapse expand iconWarranty

Please read the warranty card that was included in the shipping carton of your monitor prior to shipping it back to KRK Systems, LLC. All products in need of repair can be returned to the dealer where it was purchased, or to KRK Systems, LLC. at the following address:

KRK Service Center
555 E. Easy Street.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Tel: (818) 534.1575
Fax: (818) 534.1585

Please call for a Return Authorization number before returning any product for repair.
For the safest possible return to KRK, please use the shipping carton and packaging that your monitor was originally shipped in.

KRK cannot be responsible for any damages incurred during the shipping process due to poor packing. Make sure to insure your shipment.

If your monitor is out of warranty and you would like a quotation prior to servicing your product, please include a note with your contact information on it and we will contact you with a service quote. Service will be performed once your method of payment has been established and approved.

Replacement carton and packaging can be purchased from KRK Systems, LLC. $18.00 per carton.

For replacement part quotes call (818) 534.1575.

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