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The KORG MPS-10 is the next step in the constant evolution of drum performance and musical expression. Meticulously crafted to be both rugged and refined, the MPS-10 meets the diverse demands of drummers and percussionists everywhere, opening the door to new and creative ways of performing. Immerse yourself in a world of sonic possibilities with 10 pads, a versatile sampler, four groundbreaking CC pads and a cutting-edge 4-track looper—all seamlessly integrated into a singular, comprehensive kit. Enhance your performance through an external trigger IN jack, footswitch compatibility and an expression jack.

Soundscapes at Your Fingertips

With an expansive collection of 2,350 assignable Instruments (INST pads) and more than 3000 high quality samples at your disposal, the MPS-10 opens the gateway to boundless creativity. Revel in a deep library of cool, useful sounds that range from dynamically expressive instrument tones and captivatingly nuanced variations based on your strike's intensity, to the essential electric instrument sounds that drive so much modern drumming.  Classical percussion enthusiasts will delight in the inclusion of congas, bongos, and more, while acoustic percussion aficionados will be delighted to find an extensive range of useful, dynamic and authentic sounds. The looped phrases, impactful sounds for games, TV spots and movie trailers, mesmerizing melodic steelpan tones, and an array of HIT/SFX sounds will drive you to explore.

Masterful Sound Sculpting

Empower your sonic tapestry with unparalleled control. Enhance the sonic excitement with the default master reverb and filter, augmented by two insert systems and a master system, all at your command. Easily toggle the effects for each pad, orchestrating intricate tone changes with precision.

Seamless Transitions, Effortless Control

Experience uninterrupted creativity with the Smooth Sound Transition (SST), ensuring flawless kit transitions after striking a cymbal or repeating a sample, such as a snare. When silence beckons, a simple press of the SOUND OFF button works immediately.

The Artistry of Looping

Elevate your performance with the incredibly flexible and powerful 4-track looper. Revel in the dedicated looper effects, crafting intricate looping phrases that will inspire your creativity - and your audience! With synchronized settings that ensure flawless playback across tracks, and the ability to export each track as a WAV file, your creative possibilities will go even further than your real-time performance.

The CC Pad revolution

Embark on a journey of sonic manipulation with the four visionary and deceptively powerful CC pads. The top 4 pads of the MPS-10 can be used as CC pads, detecting the striking position with incredible precision and thus allowing for intuitive control of effect parameters.
Delve into gradual filtering, EDM-inspired drum rolls with Note Delay, and real-time tonal transformations through the versatile MFX functions. Elevate your drumming artistry to new heights with unprecedented control and expression.

KORG MPS-10 Drum, Percussion, and Sampler Pad
KORG MPS-10 Drum, Percussion, and Sampler Pad
KORG MPS-10 Drum, Percussion, and Sampler Pad

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USA Warranty Policy

All Korg products purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original consumer purchaser as listed below:

Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 1 Year

Exceptions: Tubes, AC Adapters, Foot Switches: 90 days

Warranty Requirements and Limitations:

-Proof of Warranty - The customer must provide proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service. The dated sales slip or copy thereof is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

-The product must be purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer and have a valid serial number.

Damage resulting from the following causes are excluded from the warranty set forth above:
-Misuse, including damage occurring during shipment, damage caused by battery leakage, accident, fire, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse.
-The cleaning of controls or contacts due to exposure to dirty, dusty, or otherwise contaminated environment.
-Damage resulting from modification.
-Damage to units used for loan or rental.

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