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Imagine being able to blow a trumpet or clarinet without pain due to the cushion effect of the Lip Protector guarding against light pressures or accidental blows to the mouth and cheeks, or how nice it would be to wake up in the morning without canker sores caused by abrading brackets and wires. Thats what the Lip Protector offers!

Insert total Lip Protector in its arch shape into the mouth. Then, starting at the mid-line, lightly press the hooks onto the archwire. If a hook does not line up, simply cut it off with scissors.

Not Just for Musicians
Playing light sports like soccer, the Lip Protector helps reduce injuries from braces and unlike a typical mouth-guard, you can talk, breath, even take a sip of a drink without removing.
Jet-Tone Lip Protector
Jet-Tone Lip Protector

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  • Great for wind instruments and light sports
  • Eliminates use of wax
  • Can be worn while sleeping
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sold as a pair for both upper and lower teeth

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