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JHS 3 Series (Our NEW Budget Line)play button

JHS 3 Series (Our NEW Budget Line)

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In Depth Look at the NEW JHS 3 Series

JHS Pedals

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The JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb is an extremely versatile reverb pedal that lets guitarists explore a myriad of spacious sounds. With just three knobs—verb, EQ and decay—you have access to everything from subtle room effects to endless washes of ambiance. The EQ control allows you to sweep between bright, shimmering '80s-inspired sounds and darker, vintage-voiced textures. Engage the pre-delay switch to keep your initial pick attack from getting lost in the effect.

Intuitive Controls, Maximum Versatility

Don't let its minimalist design fool you—the 3 Series Reverb packs a ton of tonal range into its compact stompbox form. The verb knob dials in the overall amount of reverb, allowing you to go from just a hint of space all the way to cavernous depths. The EQ knob shapes the tone, emphasizing high, mid or low frequencies. At its brightest settings, the 3 Series Reverb conjures classic '80s rack units, while darker tones evoke vintage spring reverb units. The decay knob determines how long the reverb effect sustains, ranging from short, slapback-like echoes to endlessly cascading ambiance.

High-Quality Components, Affordable Price

JHS Pedals handmakes the 3 Series Reverb in Kansas City, USA using premium components to ensure professional grade sound quality and road-worthy durability. Despite its high-end construction, the 3 Series Reverb comes at an extremely affordable price, putting lush, versatile reverb within reach of players at any level.

Pre-Delay Switch Keeps Transients Intact

The 3 Series Reverb includes a pre-delay switch that adds a short delay before the reverb effect kicks in. Engaging the pre-delay switch helps preserve the clarity and attack of your initial pick stroke by preventing it from getting lost in the wash of reverb. Whether you want a subtle ambient shimmer or an all-encompassing cathedral-like echo, the 3 Series Reverb delivers.

JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb Effects Pedal
JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb Effects Pedal

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The EQ lets you perfectly adjust for a bright or dark texture to the reverb's overall tone. The Pre-Delay knob allows you to select a short delay before the reverb begins. This lets you explore effects ranging between slap-like singing in the shower sounds and spacey spring-like sounds.

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  • The JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb runs on 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 74mA.
  • LENGTH 4.42” X WIDTH 2.38” X HEIGHT 1.22”

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