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JBL IRX ONE Column Line Array With Bluetooth | Overview and Featuresplay button

JBL IRX ONE Column Line Array With Bluetooth | Overview and Features

JBL IRX ONE All-In-One Column PA | Product Overviewplay button

JBL IRX ONE All-In-One Column PA | Product Overview

JBL IRX ONE All-In-One Column PA | Launch Announcementplay button

JBL IRX ONE All-In-One Column PA | Launch Announcement


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The JBL IRX ONE column line array brandishes massive, performance-ready sound in a portable system that’s easily carried from gig to gig. Its acoustic structure consists of six 2" high-frequency drivers and one 8" woofer for bass extension down to 40Hz. Inspired by concert arrays, the IRX ONE sufficiently outputs room-filling sound, featuring a wide sweet spot for audience members to receive consistent fidelity no matter their position. The built-in 3-channel mixer accommodates XLR and 1/4" inputs with 48V phantom power, and the IRX ONE is Bluetooth enabled, so users can seamlessly link auxiliary audio sources for backing tracks and more. Designed not only with musicians in mind, the JBL IRX ONE is a portable, plug-and-play line array system that’s easy to use—educators, house of worship leaders and other presenters can effortlessly connect, project and address a crowd with high-fidelity sound.

JBL IRX ONE Column Array

Maximum Coverage

The JBL IRX ONE refuses to sacrifice coverage in favor of having a compact form factor. Inspired by the powerful line arrays found in concert venues around the world, the IRX ONE contains its own miniature version of a C-shape array. Each of its six high-frequency drivers are arranged to maximize richness, clarity and dispersion. The result is an ultrawide sweet spot for deceptively broad sound, backed by an impressive 8" woofer packing additional power and punch. Front to back and side to side, the IRX ONE has no trouble enveloping small to medium-size venues in crystal-clear audio.     

JBL IRX ONE Performance

Sonic Excellence Assured

As a plug-and-play column line array system for a diverse range of applications, the IRX ONE incorporates a handful of unique features geared toward Hi-Fi amplification with minimal user input. Automatic feedback suppression (AFS) by dbx assists in both setup and performance, reducing the chance that unwanted noise gets out of control. The 3-channel mixer includes fixed bass and treble controls for minor adjustments, while five global EQ presets are dialed in for common performance scenarios. JBL also included a ducking operation by Soundcraft, in which the mixer automatically reduces the level of background music in response to speech—ideal for presentations and other kinds of public address.      

JBL IRX ONE Portable Column Array

Ease of Use and Portability

The entire JBL IRX ONE column line array system is light enough to carry with one hand, and it can be set up or broken down in well under a minute. Components like the speaker array and column spacers fit conveniently into the base unit for a completely self-contained system that a single person can manage alone. Even the carry handle is ergonomically designed to mitigate wrist strain and prevent possible injury during transportation. Singer-songwriters, buskers and public presenters may all benefit from this sleek, lightweight system that sets up in seconds.

JBL IRX ONE Top Angle Extreme

Made to Last

JBL never cuts corners in the durability department—even when creating a lightweight, portable unit. The roadworthy cabinet stands up to the hazards associated with gigging, from scratches and bumps to minor drops and falls. JBL puts their IRX ONE systems through a rigorous 100-hour stress test, as well as stringent road testing to ensure long-lasting durability. The unit also includes a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

The JBL IRX ONE column line array is an all-in-one playback system perfect for musicians, DJs, educators, worship leaders and anyone seeking a convenient solution for live sound. Its accessibility makes it an approachable system that sounds great anytime, anywhere—extensive experience not required.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • C-shaped array of six 2" tweeters delivers superior clarity and rich sound
  • 8” woofer with bass-reflex design generates natural, smooth low end, down to 40Hz
  • Frequency response: 40Hz–20kHz 
  • Built-in 3-channel mixer 
  • Fixed bass and treble control, Automatic Feedback Suppression (AFS), phantom power and system tuning presets
  • Soundcraft Easy Ducking automatically turns down music when speech is detected
  • I/O includes 1/4" and XLR inputs with included 48V phantom power and 1/4" balanced mix-out
  • Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming 
  • Column spacers and array cabinet conveniently fit into back of base unit
  • Speaker automatically adjusts tuning depending on how many spacers are used for optimum sound performance
  • Easy to carry with one hand as it weighs only 34.1 lb.
  • Sets up and tears down in seconds
  • Ergonomically optimized carry handle minimizes wrist strain
  • Road-tough, lightweight cabinet
  • Manufacturer's complete three-year warranty

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